Towns of Andalusia

It is no secret that Andalusia is home to some of the most beautiful villages and places in Spain. We are not only talking about historical-artistic heritage, but also natural landscapes that will leave you speechless. Andalusia's towns have a very typical urban structure: with narrow, steep streets home to whitewashed houses that burst into a thousand colours on account of the flowers that adorn them.

You absolutely must see some of these towns at least once in your lifetime, since part of the charm of Andalusia and its traditions lies in them. Plus, you're in luck because... you can travel to all of them by train with Renfe! What better than visiting Andalusian towns and doing so in the fastest, most comfortable and sustainable way possible? Let us answer for you: nothing!

So, are you ready to visit the most beautiful and unique towns in Andalusia? Let's find out more about them!

Emblematic cities in Andalusia

Now that you have found out more about some of the most beautiful, unique villages in Andalusia, discover its cities that are bursting with life and colour by train. Let's go!