What to see in Ronda, everything you need to know

Considering a visit to Ronda? Excellent choice! This Andalusian city is a place of incredible beauty, bursting with history and culture. No idea about what to see in Ronda? Let us tell you everything!

What to see in Ronda

  • Puente Nuevo. A stone bridge that connects the old and new towns, one of Ronda's most famous tourist attractions. Puente Nuevo offers breathtaking views over the River Tagus, a natural canyon more than a hundred metres deep. Truly impressive! We suggest you visit the bridge at sunset, when the golden sunlight makes the scenery even more spectacular.
  • Plaza de Toros de Ronda. If you are a fan of bullfighting, then you should know that Ronda is the cradle of bullfighting and the Plaza de Toros is one of the oldest and most impressive bull rings in Spain. It is a genuine masterpiece of architecture! Also worth a visit is the Ronda Bullfighting Museum, where you can learn all about bullfighting culture and the history of bullfighting in Spain.
  • Alameda del Tajo. A beautiful avenue with stunning views over the canyon and the River Guadalevín. The perfect place to go for a walk, relax and enjoy the natural beauty that Ronda has to offer. Also well worth a visit are the Arab Baths, a beautiful example of Muslim architecture from the Al Andalus era.
  • Jardines de Cuenca. In the old city, just across the Puente Viejo, these gardens are an oasis of peace and beauty. Here, you can sit down and have a rest with incredible views. Get ready to be impressed!
  • Arab Baths. They say that they are the best preserved in Europe (and they must also be the most beautiful). They are home to several rooms that you can visit as they are open to tourists.
  • Plaza Duquesa de Parcent. One of the most impressive places to visit in Ronda. Here, you can admire some of the city's most important buildings, including the impressive Church of Santa María la Mayor, the majestic town hall, the historic Convento de la Claridad and the charming Convento de Clarisas. It is also the perfect spot to sit down and have a rest, while having a drink and watching how the locals live.

What to do in Ronda

As well as seeing monuments, if you want to make other plans, then Ronda is the perfect place for participating in adventure sports, including hiking and canyoning. Alternatively, why not take a bike tour around the city and enjoy its beautiful nature. Ready for a little risk?

And how about the city's gastronomy? The city offers a wide variety of typical regional dishes, including porra antequerana, Andalusian gazpacho, migas with chorizo and meat stews. Nevertheless, the star dish in Ronda is oxtail, a stew of bull meat cooked slowly in red wine and spices. A true delight!

Last but not least, you cannot leave Ronda without sampling its delicious wine, which has won various international awards on account of its taste and quality. The region is known for its wine production, which dates back to Roman times! It would be sacrilege not to give it a try!

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