What to see in Salamanca: encounters and history


Be dazzled by Salamanca, a cheerful and bustling university city, which is always open, ready to welcome visitors and display its rich heritage, culture and gastronomy.

Ready to visit the university city par excellence? Let us tell you all about what to see in Salamanca to make sure you don't miss anything!

Monumental Salamanca: the essentials

Salamanca has a historic centre, packed with architectural wonders that will have you falling in love at first glance.

  • Plaza Mayor: one of the most beautiful squares in Spain and the most emblematic spot in the city. Located at the heart of the old town, it will dazzle you with its charm and perfectly preserved architecture. Don't forget to see it at night, it gets even better!
  • Casa de las Conchas: this house's charm lies in the multitude of shells affixed to the façade to proclaim the marriage of two nobles. It now serves as a public library and open to visitors, free of charge.
  • Salamanca's cathedrals: this city doesn't have just one cathedral, it has two! First of all is the Old Cathedral of Salamanca, which is particularly romantic and small in size. Then there is the New Cathedral of Salamanca, which is Gothic in style and exudes elegance and grandeur.
  • La Clerecía: the city's greatest viewpoint. From here, you can take in one of the most stunning, spectacular views of Salamanca.
  • Huerto de Calixto y Melibea: this small garden is located on the city wall and offers wonderful views over the cathedrals and the Tormes riverbank. It is located in the spot where it is believed Fernando de Rojas set the meeting of his famous protagonists and their tragic finale in his novel 'La Celestina'.
  • Casa Lis: one of the city's most appreciated monuments and its north façade - the current entrance for visitors - is the best example of Modernist art in Salamanca. The beautiful stained glass windows on the south façade, facing the river, are a particular highlight, providing lots of light for the building.

What to do in Salamanca

It's not all going to be about walking and visiting places! There are also spots for kicking back and enjoying Salamanca. Still not sure what to do in Salamanca? Let us fill you in!

  • Take a stroll through the city at night and enjoy the grandeur of its monuments, bathed in the moonlight.
  • Grab a coffee or ice cream at Café Novelty, the city's oldest and most famous coffee shop.
  • Look for the frog and the skull on the University's façade. Legend has it that if students look for them and find them, they will have good luck in their exams.
  • If you're not afraid of heights, then head up the cathedral's towers. From here, enjoy spectacular views and a unique experience in Salamanca.
  • Sample a few tapas and drinks on the city's main wine street, Calle Van Dyck.
  • Visit some of the most beautiful towns in Salamanca, including La Alberca and Ciudad Rodrigo.
  • Try el hornazo, a typical Salamanca dish that you will not be able to stop eating during your visit to the city. 

How to get to Salamanca by train?

If you are interested in visiting Salamanca for yourself, the most comfortable way of travelling is by train, on our Larga Distancia (Long Distance) and Media Distancia (Mid-distance)trains. The city's main station is just a 20-minute walk from Salamanca's Plaza Mayor.

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