A taste of the Cantabrian Sea


Santander is a unique destination that has it all. An urban setting, surrounded by nature and great beaches including El Sardinero or Mataleñas, as well as an impressive cultural heritage.

Its elegant historic centre is home to a series of noble buildings, such as the Casino, the Gran Hotel or the imposing Banco Santander building, in the middle of an incredible natural environment between the sea and the mountains. A stroll down the promenade taking in the bay and the elegant balconies is a must, as is a sunset from the Faro Mayor. Sounds tempting, wouldn't you say?

You cannot miss it

The Palacio de la Magdalena, located on a small peninsula in the bay of Santander, is another monument not to be missed. What was once the summer residence of King Alfonso XIII and Queen Victoria Eugenia is surrounded by woodland and cliffs. This outcrop offers some of the best views of the city. 

Want to know more?

As well as its elegant style and great tourist tradition, dating back to the mid-nineteenth century, the city has always been known for its open and avant-garde character. An example of this is the Botín Art Centre, a modern building that houses different exhibitions and cultural activities. What's more, Santander boasts a lively cultural agenda and variety of leisure options.

It is also a special destination for sports fanatics. Beaches such as Playa Somo are ideal for surfers and fans of other water sports. The city is also home to multiple green paces such as the central Jardines de Pereda or Parque de la Llamas.

Give yourself a treat

Its privileged location means that Santander boasts the best local products, both from the Cantabrian Sea and from the mountains. From the most avant-garde restaurants to the most traditional alternatives, the gastronomy options on offer are immense. You won't know where to start! 

You can't leave without enjoying a tasty aperitif, usually featuring anchovies, and a delicious wine, at one of its many dining districts such as Catilla-Hermida or Cañadío-Puertochico, full of terraces and bursting with life and atmosphere.

How to get to Santander by train.

Treat yourself and visit Santander with us and discover everything the city has to offer. What's more, at Renfe we make it easy for you with our routes, meaning you can travel in the fastest, most comfortable and sustainable way possible.