Weekend in Roman Tarragona and Port Aventura


 With Renfe trains, Spain has never been so close. This country offers incredible cultural, archaeological and historical diversity that you can discover during even a short stay in the country. Get away from it all and relax with a weekend in Roman Tarragona and Port Aventura!   

High-speed travel to Roman Tarraco (or Tarragona) from 15 cities in France. It is the largest city on the Costa Dorada. Founded in 218 BC, it was originally a Roman military base. Tourism has brought the town a booming economy, and Roman remains are still to be found throughout the city. It has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.  

Visit its historic sites, steeped in history 

Take your family on a journey back to Roman times. A journey into the past that will delight young and old alike. Follow in the footsteps of the Romans through the various remains in and around the town. ​ 

  • Roman Circus. The imposing arena alone measures 325 m by 115 m. It was built in the 1st century BC and was used for chariot races and other shows of the time. It is one of the best-preserved buildings in Tarragona.   
  • Roman Amphitheatre. Located to the east of the city, it is accessed via the Passeig de las Palmeras, which opens out onto the Mediterranean. The building dates from the early 2nd century and overlooks the sea. The arena was used for Roman gladiatorial shows, and the remains of a 12th-century Romanesque church erected in honour of the first Christian martyrs can still be seen.  
  • Archaeological walk.  Take the 'Passeig Arqueológic', which runs around the city walls built in the 3rd century BC. This walk is full of breathtaking views of Tarragona, with the Llaberia and Prades mountain ranges in the background.   
  • Roman remains outside the walls of Tarragona. There are also many Roman buildings outside the city walls:  
    • Tower of the Scipios : situated 3 km north of Tarragona, this 9 m tower is a funerary monument.
    • The Devil's Bridge, an imposing aqueduct 217 m long and 27 m high, built in the 1st century, 6 km to the north-east of the city.
    • The Arch of Berá, a monumental gateway (20 km from Tarragona on the N340) along the Via Augusta linking Cadiz and Rome.  
  • Archaeological museum. The museum houses a collection of objects found in and around the city, together with the finest collection of mosaics in Catalonia, including the Pisces and Medusa mosaics. Visitors will be treated to ceramic, metal and glass objects, along with fragments of statues, including a head of Minerva and a bust of Pomona.  
  • Tarragona Cathedral. The most visible symbol of the city's medieval splendour, it is the tallest in Catalonia at 104 metres. Built between the 12th and 14th centuries, it combines Gothic and Romanesque styles. 

Tarragona Cathedral

Port Aventura World

Explore the world of Port Aventura. With six amazing themed areas (Mediterranean, Polynesia, China, Mexico, Far West), it offers a host of attractions, shows, restaurants, etc. Cartoon characters bring the park to life, much to the delight of children. You can enjoy the various attractions and relax while sampling the local cuisine and browsing the many shops in the park. More than 40 attractions await you in this park, combined with a hotel complex with 5 hotels and a camping area.  

If you'd like to find out a little more about Port Aventura and its many activities. ​  

Caribe Aquatic Park

The water park features about a dozen attractions and even an indoor area for the winter season, covering a total surface area of 4,200 m2. It's the perfect way to spend some quality time with the family!   

If you fancy a family weekend in Tarragona, remember to book your train tickets in advance! Enjoy a relaxing trip with your children. ​ 

Travel to Tarragona by train

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