What to see in Toledo: discover this World Heritage Site


Declared a World Heritage Site in 1986, Toledo dazzles at first sight: its historical quarter, its location, the River Tagus that caresses the city, the cigarrales on the banks of the river, the historic bridges of Alcántara and San Martín and the Mudejar towers. Tempted to visit the city? Discover what to see in Toledo with Renfe and let yourself be surprised by everything this city has to offer. Ready? Then let's go!


Historic and monumental Toledo

  • Plaza de Zocodover: A meeting point for locals, from here you can visit the Museum of Santa Cruz, which reflects on the city's history from prehistoric times to 20th century contemporary art. Close to this square are some of the best restaurants to eat in Toledo. Are you going to miss out on this opportunity?
  • The Alcazar: Next to Plaza de Zocodover is the most representative monument of Toledo, its Alcazar. It has served different functions throughout history: as the Crown prison, military barracks and now the Infantry Academy. 
  • Toledo cathedral: undoubtedly one of the most spectacular places to visit in Toledo. It is home to chapels and rooms including the Chapter House or the Sacristy.
  • Church of Santo Tomé: Although not Toledo's most outstanding monument, this church is home to the famous painting "The Burial of the Count of Orgaz", the best work of Toledo-based Greek painter, El Greco.
  • Synagogue of Santa María La Blanca: Located in the Jewish quarter, this building pays testament to the Hispano-Muslim period. Its white interior, full of pillars and arches, will take your breath away!
  • Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes: A must-see in Toledo is, undoubtedly, the Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes. It was originally constructed as a mausoleum for the Catholic Monarchs, although they were eventually buried in Granada.
  • Mirador del Valle: The best views of Toledo, at sunset, from a viewpoint? It is possible! Head here on foot or by car. No matter how you get there, the trip will have been worth it for the views!
  • Toledo Train Station: granted National Heritage status upon its construction, it is one of the most spectacular stations in Spain. Just 15 minutes from the centre of Toledo on foot, where you can enjoy everything that this beautiful city has to offer.

Plans in Toledo: what to do

Monuments and visits to historical places aside, the city of Toledo has lots more to offer:

  • Enjoy the city's gastronomy

Toledo boasts a wide variety of typical dishes that simply must try. After all, gastronomy is another way of getting to know the city and its residents. One typical dish in Toledo is its Arroz a la Toledana, where rice is mixed with ingredients including lard, squid, chicken and mushrooms. Sounds delicious, wouldn't you say?

  • Toledo crafts: swords

Toledo is also globally famous for manufacturing the most famous swords in film and television. The streets of Toledo are home to many craft shops that have some of the most famous swords in the film world on display. Wouldn't you like to discover what your favourite character's sword is? In Toledo, you can!

Travel to Toledo by train

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