Holy Week in Valladolid: the
power of silence

Holy Week in Valladolid is one of the city's main tourist attractions, and for good reason. More sombre and less festive in style than Holy Week in Seville and Holy Week in Malaga, this celebration has a strong historical and traditional interest, which has seen it awarded International Tourist Interest status! How about a getaway to discover it for yourself?

Holy silence

If something makes Holy Week in Castile and Leon different, and particularly in Valladolid, it is silence.
Here, the processions advance in a solemn and sombre way, with hardly any music, and as a result is considered as the Holy Week most loyally represents the Passion.
In short, something you cannot afford to miss.

Holy Week carvings in Valladolid

Another attraction that makes Holy Week in Valladolid particularly unmissable is its historical carvings and religious imagery. Sculpted in wood by masters including Gregorio Fernández, Juan de Juni or Pedro de Ávila, they date back to the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. What's more, they only see the light of day during Holy Week, as the rest of the year they are kept at the national sculpture museum!

Also dating back to the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries are the five historical brotherhoods of Valladolid: Cofradía Penitencial de la Santa Vera Cruz, Cofradía Penitencial de la Sagrada Pasión de Cristo, Ilustre Cofradía Penitencial de Nuestra Señora de las Angustias, Muy Ilustre Cofradía de Nuestra Señora de La Piedad and Cofradía Penitencial de Nuestro Padre Jesús Nazareno.

Unmissable processions

If you also don't want to miss out on these magnificent historical carvings in full swing, here is a list of some of the most important processions during Holy Week in Valladolid:

1. Procession of the Last Supper. This procession takes place on Maundy Thursday and is one of the most spectacular in Valladolid. The main image is that of Christ at the Last Supper with his disciples. The floats are very elaborate and the tunics of the Nazarene brothers are particularly characteristic in colour, white and green.

2. Procession of the Holy Burial. This procession is held on Good Friday and is one of the most emotional during Holy Week in Valladolid. The procession sees the Virgen de la Piedad and the Jesus Yacente paraded through the streets, representing the pain and sadness of Jesus' death.

3. Procession of Solitude. This procession is held on Holy Saturday and is particularly special as the likenesses involved in the procession are of the Virgin Mary. The Nazarene brothers wear black robes and the procession is particularly emotional.

4. Procession of the Risen Jesus. This procession is held on Easter Sunday and is the last procession during Holy Week in Valladolid. It sees the float of the Risen Jesus paraded, representing the victory over the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Traditions during Holy Week in Valladolid

As well as being a time of penance and faith for believers, Holy Week is a time to sample some of the delicacies typical of this time of the year. Interested in hearing about the typical dishes of Castile and Leon at Easter? Then read on!

  • Garlic soup: a typical dish made from bread, garlic, water, oil, paprika, eggs and salt. Perfect if it's cold out during the processions!
  • Potaje de vigilia: the perfect stew for Fridays during Lent. Its main ingredients are cod, chickpeas and spinach. The perfect combination, wouldn't you say?
  • Patatas viudas: a potato-based dish that is perfect for this time of year, as they are not accompanied by any type of meat. An easy and simple dish that will recharge your batteries so you can continue taking in the most beautiful processions in Valladolid.
  • Torrijas: the dessert par excellence at Easter in many Spanish cities, including Valladolid. Who wouldn't want to order some tasty torrijas for dessert after a garlic soup or a stew? Nobody!

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