A Coruña

City of contrasts, sea and flavours



Alone, with your partner, family or friends: discover this jewel and you will always want to come back.

You cannot miss it

To talk about A Coruña is to talk about the sea. Going from the centre to the beach in minutes, visiting and enjoying its Promenade, contemplating the Tower of Hercules with the majestic Atlantic at your feet are only a few of the things you can do.

Another city with the best Spanish gastronomy, with its premium products, its markets and its taberna.

A secret: few know that A Coruña is also synonymous with science – the Scientific Museums of A Coruña prove this – and fashion: Plaza de Lugo and its surrounding areas cannot be missed.

Want to know more?

A city of contrasts that blends tradition and avant-garde styles like no other. Romanesque and contemporary art. The traditional Galician cuisine (always excellent) and the recipes that reinvent it. Traditional and the most exclusive shops. The voices of traditional markets and the music of the Old City.

Give yourself a treat

A Coruña is a true pleasure for the senses. It is the smell of meat cooked on stone, the bells ringing on its cobblestone streets, the Atlantic wind on the face, the unforgettable taste of its fish or the views from Mount San Pedro.

Seasonal plans

  • One of the best ways to welcome summer is in front of the A Coruña beach bonfires during the magical night of San Juan. From there, it's a matter of relaxing and enjoying the pleasant summer temperatures of the city. Because when it starts to get hot, A Coruña, with its fresh waters and salt-flavoured breeze, with soothe your body and mind.
  • More and more plans come up from June to September. Such as a must-have vermouth at the terraces of Paseo Riazor after a morning on the beach, the most beautiful sunsets you've ever seen... how about the freshest langoustines you have ever had?
  • If you visit the city in August, you can enjoy the festivities of Maria Pita, for a month filled with music, crafts, books, comics, theatre and outdoor dance.

After the summer cultural explosion, autumn arrives. The pace slows down and the city picks up its most authentic essence without losing an apex of interest: the "Paseos pola Coruña Literaria" will dazzle those passionate about literature, and the regattas of theSailing Grand Prix, for sea lovers. There's a plan for you, whether it's hot or raining. This is what A Coruña is like.