What to do and see in Bilbao

In recent years, Bilbao has become known as a staple for national tourism, leaving behind the more industrial past the city was often associated with. Ready to find out why? Don't miss out! Let's find out more about Bilbao.

What to do and see in Bilbao

  • Guggenheim Museum: Since it opened in 1997, the city has seen undergone a spectacular urban and social renewal process. This museum, with its impressive external architecture and an interior that will awaken the artist in you, attracts both locals and tourists throughout the year.
  • Old Town: undoubtedly a Bilbao essential. The oldest and liveliest neighbourhood in Bilbao, dating back to Mediaeval times, it enchants visitors thanks to its streets bursting with shops and traditional taverns.
  • The old town is also home to Plaza Nueva, where you'll find some of the best pintxo bars and restaurants in Bilbao. The saying goes that to get to know a place you have to sample its cuisine... That must mean it's time to sample a few pintxos. What are you waiting for?
  • La Ribera market: The largest indoor market in Europe, spanning approximately 10,000 m2. Available at this market are the freshest products, both from vegetable gardens and the Cantabrian Sea, which both play a major role in delicious Basque cuisine. The market is the perfect place to enjoy Basque atmosphere and its peculiar features.
  • Artxanda viewpoint: Are you one of those people who simply cannot leave somewhere without taking it all in from above? This is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Bilbao. Firstly, because you can head up to the viewpoint by funicular rail and secondly because of the wonderful views available from above. You can see how the city of Bilbao is completely surrounded by a mountain range and, on a clear day, you can even see the sea.
  • Arriaga theatre: The spectacular façade of this theatre, is considered one of the most impressive in Spain, will leave you speechless. Located in Plaza Arenal, it is another must see in Bilbao. It is now not often used for theatrical performances, as they are increasingly being transferred to Palacio de Euskalduna, but it is still worth the visit.
  • Santiago de Bilbao cathedral: As is the case in many large cities, one of the must-see monuments is the city's cathedral. Located in the old town, it is Gothic in style and features an impressive façade.

How does a coffee at the foot of Bilbao cathedral sound? Like a great plan, right! As it is located in the centre, it is surrounded by bars where you can kick back with a drink while contemplating the grandeur of Bilbao's cathedral. 

What to do in Bilbao

When you think of Bilbao, you will likely think of food, the city's delicious cuisine... and you won't be disappointed.

If you visit Bilbao and don't go on a pintxos route, you haven't been to Bilbao. Vegetarian? No need to worry! Pintxos are available for all tastes, boasting all the flavours you can imagine.

In reality, certain areas of Bilbao are more popular than others when it comes to sampling the city's cuisine, in particular the following:

  • Calle Ledesma
  • Plaza Nueva
  • Calle Somera
  • Indautxu
  • Calle Santamaría

These are the main, liveliest areas where you can sample Bilbao's delicious cuisine. At home salivating? Then buy your ticket now and don't miss out on Bilbao's charms!

How to get to Bilbao by train

Bilbao train station is just a few minutes' walk from the historic centre. The beautiful station features colourful stained glass windows. What better way of hopping off a Renfe train than being welcomed by a beautiful stained glass window that is the symbol of the city of Bilbao? Let us answer for you: there is no better way!

Remember that travelling with Renfe is synonymous with safety, comfort and sustainability. Get your tickets now at the best price. What are you waiting for?