Travel to the heart of the Basque Country and discover its unique character


This part of the city centre runs along the Nervión estuary and is found within spectacular mountain landscapes that give fresh air to the city. Its ability to combine traditional culture and innovation will conquer you.

You cannot miss it

Since the Guggenheim Museum opened in 1997, the city has seen undergone a spectacular urban and social renewal process. This work of art by the acclaimed Frank Gehry attracts locals and tourists all year round: an exterior architecture that has never been seen before and an interior that will bring you calmness and awaken your most artistic sense.

Want to know more?

Bilbao's "Casco Viejo" (historical city centre) dates back to medieval times and runs along the riverbank. Let yourself be carried away by the lively and authentic atmosphere of its streets. The Cathedral of Santiago, Albia Gardens, Arriaga Theatre, the Plaza Nueva (Berria)... Take your time to stroll around through its large pedestrian area and discover its most charming corners.

Give yourself a treat

Take a break to enjoy the city's famous pintxos in one of the many traditional taverns. The capital of Biscay also invites for disconnection: da un paseo por el muelle Churruca y deja que tus pasos te lleven hasta el Museo Marítimo de la Ría de Bilbao, donde podrás conocer mejor la historia de esta ciudad y su ría. Bilbao no es solo monumental. Visit the BEC (Bilbao Exhibition Centre), the most valued exhibition and entertainment venue for Bilbao and soak up its culture.

Seasonal plans

  • Bidegorris: one of the favourite activities of the people of Bilbao is to tour the city on the bidegorris (bike lanes), which run across such a diverse city. And what a better time to do it than summer? Feel the warm breeze on your face as you cycle

  • Mercado de la Ribera: you can also take a walk through the Nervión and have a pintxo in the sun at Mercado de la Ribera. Interested in architecture? Cross some of the eclectic bridges that join the two parts of the city, such as Zubizuri Bridge, the work of Calatrava, and the Bizkaia, an UNESCO heritage site and designed by a pupil of Gustave Eiffel

  • Guggenheim: good weather is not at odds with art. Admire the Guggenheim's wonderful exterior sculptures. Walk under Louise Burgeois' impressive "Maman" spider and be dazzled by Jeff Koons' towering, huge tulips

  • Summer in Bilbao: Bilbao is filled with music with the arrival of summer. There music to suit every taste. How about if you taste the best of Basque cuisine in a Biosphere Reserve and with the best soundtrack in the background? Mundaka Festival offers all that and more

  • Artxanda Viewpoint: end your summer getaway with an incredible finishing touch at the Artxanda Viewpoint. You can walk or take the funicular rail from Plaza del Funicular, near Zubizuri Bridge. Admire the spectacular panoramic views and say farewell to this great city as it deserves

Autumn is also one of the best times to let yourself be carried away by the vibrant spirit of Bilbao. The magical mountains full of colourful autumn leaves, the traditional feria of Gernika, the terraces to "potear" (have small drinks)... The city awaits you with open arms