Madrid and Money Heist

​​​​​​Madrid is the setting for many literary and cinematographic works, but a more recent phenomenon, which is also very popular in France, has become a new reason for many of you to visit the Spanish capital: Money Heist.  

We invite you to immerse yourself in the world of previous seasons and visit the legendary filming locations at the FNMT-RCM (National Mint and Stamp Factory) in Madrid. Book your Renfe tickets and enjoy an unforgettable stay in Madrid!   

A story about bandits who want to make their own money without spilling a drop of blood… It may sound like a classic plot, but it has and continues to win over thousands of viewers, first in Spain and then around the world since Netflix began broadcasting it.   

Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre (National Mint and Stamp Factory)

The series tells the story of the carefully planned robbery of the National Mint and Stamp Factory in Madrid. But where exactly is it? The Royal Mint is located on Calle Jorge Juan, at number 106, in the Salamanca district. You can enter from the side street. This is where you'll find the Mint Museum and the Casa de la Moneda Foundation. However, this façade was not really used during the filming of the series, as the streets were either too narrow or too busy for filming.  

Spanish National Research Council

The directors and technicians looked for a similar location, but one that was much easier to get to so that filming could take place. They therefore chose the headquarters of the Spanish National Research Council (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas - CSIC) in Madrid. The much larger site provided the perfect setting for the entire police deployment, with tents from which to monitor the attack, patrols and armed commandos targeting the building.   

The CSIC was used to shoot outdoor scenes where the façade was particularly important. The footage filmed on the roofs in Money Heist was actually taken from the roof of the Madrid School of Aeronautical Engineering.  

Many of the scenes were shot in theatres equipped with green backdrops, meaning that any background could be added to a scene. However, one particularly important scene in the series, where we can observe the entire paper printing process, takes place on the premises of the Spanish newspaper ABC. There, the cameras were able to film the rotary presses while the actors played their roles. Naturally, the scenes could not be filmed in the actual banknote factory for security reasons. However, the genius of the directors and technicians enabled the audience to be immersed in the world of a real banknote factory… made of newsprint.   

After an emotionally-charged trip during which you will have followed in the footsteps of the robbers and policemen in the Money Heist series, hop on board a Renfe high-speed train and enjoy a relaxing journey home. Why not catch an episode of the series on your computer or tablet during the trip? 

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