Madrid's most impressive buildings

Are you going to Madrid soon and want to see some of the city's most impressive buildings? Take a few minutes to read this article about the most breathtaking places in the Spanish capital. The first thing to do is to book your Renfe tickets, so don't wait any longer! 

Palace of Communications

The Palacio de las Comunicaciones (Palace of Communications), located at number 1 Plaza Cibeles, is without doubt one of the most famous and spectacular buildings in the Spanish capital. Many locals consider it to be one of the prettiest in the city. It's impossible to pass through Madrid without noticing this enormous white building, which is both a cultural centre and the headquarters of the city council. Its name comes from the fact that it was for a long time the headquarters of the Post Office. Its recent transformation with its crystal gallery only serves to magnify it.  

Metropolis Building

Also considered one of the city's most beautiful, the Metropolis building is particularly impressive. Located at Calle Alcalá 42, it is undoubtedly one of the capital's most photographed buildings. The unique beauty of its façade and domed roof, topped by a winged statue, have made it one of the symbols of the city of Madrid. Inaugurated in 1911, it dominated the city for ten years at a height of 45 metres.  

Casa Gallardo

Casa Gallardo, located at Calle Ferraz 2, is equally interesting for its architecture, with a facade so full of detail that it will take you hours to see them all. The building is a symbol of Spanish modernism and houses a restaurant with two Michelin stars.

Laborers Hospital of Maudes 

In a completely different style, the Hospital de Maudes remains a particularly impressive building in Madrid. Located at Calle Maudes 17, this hospital was built in the second half of the 20th century and is reminiscent of the Palace of Communications. This is hardly surprising, given that the same architects, Antonio Palacios and Joaquín Otamendi, drew up the plans. Now serving as the headquarters of the Ministry of Transport, Housing, and Infrastructure, its many towers and warm stonework make it one of the city's most spectacular buildings.  

Crystal Palace  

If ever a building was particularly striking in its beauty and delicacy, it's the Crystal Palace, located in the Retiro Park (Paseo República Cuba 4). Its metal structure, which holds the glass in the roof and walls, gives it an extremely light appearance. Architect Ricardo Velázquez Bosco designed the structure to house exotic plants. It now houses exhibitions of contemporary art curated by the Reina Sofía Museum

The Bank of Spain

Made particularly famous by the Spanish crime drama television series 'Money Heist', the Bank of Spain is undoubtedly one of the most photographed buildings in the Spanish capital. Located at Calle Alcalá 48, its eclectic façade conceals a 27-metre-high interior patio with Art Deco features, a glass roof and a clock at the top of the patio, making it a building that is as interesting as it is impressive. 

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