Places in Madrid that don't appear in tourist guides

Madrid is the stuff of dreams, with so much to offer visitors: monuments, art, gastronomy, atmosphere… That's why hundreds of thousands of tourists visit every year. ​  

If you'd like to get to know the real Spanish capital, the one that doesn't appear in the guidebooks and which will allow you to get away from the crowds of tourists, we suggest reading this article and booking your Renfe tickets to discover Madrid in a different way.  

Plazuela de San Javier 

This tiny square owes its name to the image of the patron saint of Navarre, San Javier, which appeared on one of the facades of the surrounding buildings and belonged to the Jesuit order. Stop for a moment in this square to admire the beautiful red building that dominates it.  

Muslim Wall 

Certainly the oldest structure in the capital, the Muslim wall was built in the 9th century during Al-Ándalus, and was declared a Historic and Artistic Monument in 1954. We recommend continuing your visit via the Cuesta de la Vega, near the crypt of the Almudena Cathedral, which forms part of the Mohamed I Park. 

Muslim Wall

The Corte Inglés viewpoint in Callao   

Where tourists flock to shop, take the time to go up to the ninth floor of the Corte Inglés, now called the Gourmet Experience Floor. From here you can enjoy one of the best views of the Gran Vía and the famous expressionist Carrión building. ​    ​    

La Quinta de los Molinos ​ 

Located in the San Blas district, La Quinta de los Molinos is a haven of peace, housing a beautiful palace dating from the 16th century. It is definitely worth a visit in spring.  


Príncipe de Anglona Gardens 

Little known to tourists, this small garden, just a stone's throw from the Plaza de la Paja in the lively Latina district, is perfect for unwinding. Designed by Nicolás Chalmandrier in 1761, the garden is in the neoclassical style, but also features touches characteristic of Hispano-Arabic gardens. It is a real invitation to rest between two visits to the city.    

El Capricho Park 

Considered the most beautiful park in the capital by many locals, El Capricho invites you to lose yourself in a labyrinth of shrubs, to discover its small palace, its small hermitage, its dance hall, to the sound of water running through the small streams that cross it. Come and enjoy a peaceful stroll through a romantic park.  

The old Atocha station platforms  

Following Rafael Moreno's renovation of the site, the former Atocha station platforms are now the perfect place to take a break or wait in a small tropical park, populated by turtles… 

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