Discover everything that Malaga fair has to offer


If you love to party, good food and music... Malaga fair is definitely for you. It is considered one of the most important in southern Spain and is held in August. Over the course of an entire week, the city is filled with joy, colour and fun. You can't miss out on it!

Malaga fair

The origins of Malaga fair date back to the fifteenth century, when the Catholic Monarchs conquered the city and converted it into one of the most important settlements in Andalusia. Back then, a fair was held in honour of the Virgen de la Victoria, the city's patron saint. Over the years, the fair has gradually taken on its current guide: one of the most anticipated summer celebrations in Spain.

Malaga fair spans two different locations: the city's historic centre and the fairgrounds, located in the Cortijo de Torres district. In the centre, streets are decorated with colourful lanterns, fairground booths, attractions for children and adults alike as well as live music and a variety of bars and restaurants.

In turn, the fairground is a larger and more modern area, where the fair's main attractions are located: the typical casetas, food and drink stalls, mechanical attractions and live shows. The famous "night of fire" is also celebrated here, when countless fireworks are set off that light up the night sky over the city.

One of the best things about Malaga fair that sets it apart from Seville's fair in April is that its casetas are open to the public, meaning you don't need an invitation to visit them as is the case of Seville. Sounds amazing, right?

Other ways of enjoying Malaga fair

One thing you cannot miss at Malaga fair is the food on offer. The region's cuisine is spectacular and the fair is the perfect opportunity to sample a wide variety of typical dishes. A few of the specialities that you cannot miss out on are: fried fish, pil-pil prawns, salmorejo, porra antequerana, oxtail and gazpacho.

And to wash it all down, Malaga's sweet wine. El Cartojal is the sweet wine of choice for most people going to the fair. This unique, typical taste of Malaga will bring you even closer to the origins of this event.

And when it comes to what to wear, make sure to add an authentic touch to your look! Women tend to wear a flower in their hair while men don a Cordovan hat. Manila shawls, sashes and, most importantly, lots and lots of polka dots! They are the essence of the local aesthetic when this celebration comes around.

Make sure you wear something cool and comfortable, as the heat can get oppressive if you don't go prepared. Although the fair is equipped with cooling systems, it is always better to be prepared and take a handheld fan with you for some authentic cooling. And comfortable footwear is essential if you intend on spending all day enjoying the party.


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