What to see in Seville: the city's top-rated attractions

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There's something special about Seville. There's no denying it. The narrow streets in the Santa Cruz neighbourhood, its orange sunsets, strolls through Plaza de España, etc ... are just a number of the reasons why you will not only love Seville, but you will want to go back time and time again.

What to see in Seville

  • Santa Cruz is a neighbourhood located in the heart of Seville, home to narrow, picturesque streets. Witness the typical charm of Seville for yourself in this neighbourhood. 
  • Plaza de España, located next to Maria Luisa Park, is the most important square in Seville and one of the most beautiful in Spain.
  • The Triana neighbourhood, which you can reach by crossing Triana Bridge, the most famous bridge in Seville. The atmosphere in this neighbourhood is particularly characteristic during Holy Week, as one of its streets is home to one of the most important and famous brotherhoods in Seville, Esperanza de Triana. 
  • the Giralda, cathedral and Real Alcazar of Seville are amongst the city's most well-known monuments. Everything is within walking distance, offering the perfect chance to take in wonderful views. If you also decide to visit them inside, the Real Alcazar, a World Heritage Site, will leave you with speechless given its beauty and splendour.

If you're still not convinced about visiting Seville for its beautiful and majestic attractions... Wait until you hear about everything there is to do in the city!

What to do in Seville

On account of the good weather that is typical of the Andalusian capital, you can enjoy all of our suggestions at practically any time of the year.

Having a drink in Plaza del Salvador is always close to the top of the agenda for the city's residents. This square is home to countless bars that are always packed with people having a good time in the sun. Take a stroll through Maria Luisa Park, located right next to Plaza de España and where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of a city like Seville. Visit the historic Thursday flea market on Calle Feria, a city staple since the thirteenth century and where you can find absolutely everything. Alameda de Hércules, which in the morning is perfect for little ones as an open space with parks, it is the perfect place at night if you want to experience Seville's authentic nightlife.

The recommendation when it comes to seeing Seville will always be the same: Go for a stroll! Many of the important places to see in Seville can be seen on foot, so take the opportunity to take a stroll around the city's magical streets. It's also the perfect excuse to sit down, take a load off and have a drink to enjoy the views that the city has to offer. 

Not only are we sure you won't want to miss out on what Seville has to offer, we're sure you'll want to go back time and time again!

How to get to Seville

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