Spells and emotions


Seville is the antidote to bad mood, an infallible recipe for happiness.

You cannot miss it

Seville is surely one of the Spanish cities with the most clichés. That it has a special colour, the Fería de Abril with its flamenco dance, the Holy Week with its virgins and saetas (sacred songs) are only a few. Although in a way... you can't deny that it is a city filled with colours (its yellow pipeclay and crimson red colours are one-of-a-kind!).

And visiting Seville during the Feria de Abril is something you will remember for a lifetime, that is also undeniable: drinking rebujitos (manzanilla wine and soda) at the stalls and dancing until you drop... priceless!

Want to know more?

And Seville's Madrugá is so intense that it will thrill even the most sceptical. But the essence of Seville goes beyond this.

Give yourself a treat

The beer at popular prices, the Thursday market on Calle Feria, the frescoes of Hospital de los Venerables church.

Or the smell of marinated dogfish of Calle Tetuán and the modernity of Soho Benita. The bustle in the bars of the Alameda or Murillo's paintings in the Museum of Fine Arts.

Watching sunrise while eating churros on Triana Bridge after a night out.

Seasonal plans

  • How about during the summer? Heat, of course... and many plans to enjoy the city, especially in the sun (and in broad daylight, with a hat, cream and a fountain nearby).
  • It is the time when you can visit its monuments without having to make endless queues, and tour the typical Jewish quarters so quietly that you can even hear the murmur of its baroque fountain. It is also a good opportunity to visit the palace of palaces as any other citizen of Seville: enjoying the concerts of the cool nights in the Alcazar Gardens. Absolutely magical.
  • However, if you want something more traditional, how about the traditional street dances at the foot of the Guadalquivir, with its flamenco music, dances and roasted sardines? Note down Velá de Santa Ana in your agenda: Triana in its purest form!

In October (although surely still wearing short sleeves), the Night in White fills the city with music, plastic arts, science, crafts, photography, dance, literature... Culture everywhere for an artsy city.