Valencia beaches: Malvarrosa and more


How about a holiday destination boasting almost 20 kilometres of beaches? Sounds good, right? How about if this destination also has a history and tradition while also boasting today's latest trends and modernity... what more could you ask for?

Valencia has all this and much more. Spain's third largest city is a leading sun and sand destination on the mainland. Ready to find out more about Valencia's beaches?

Urban beaches

Malvarrosa beach

The most famous and most visited beach in Valencia. Why? To begin with, this beach fully forms part of the city and offers a variety of activities and services to visitors. Add in its fine golden sand and that it spans almost two kilometres and it is very easy to understand why Malvarrosa is one of the most popular beaches amongst locals and tourists alike.

El Cabañal - Arenas beach

The continuation of Malvarrosa beach and measuring an impressive 200 metres in width. Valencia locals refer to it as Las Arenas, formerly a spa that has now been converted into a luxury hotel. It is the perfect beach for lovers of good food and drink, as it is home to a variety of bars, restaurants and entertainment venues.



Natural beaches

El Saler: a haven of peace in Albufera

The natural setting par excellence in Valencia is Albufera National Park. The perfect paradise for getting away from it all and enjoying the surroundings. It is home to one of the best known and busiest beaches for tourists in the area: El Saler.

Merely stepping onto this beach is feeling a sense of peace on account of its soft, fine white sand, crystal clear waters and the magnificent environment surroundings of natural dunes. El Saler has everything you need on a beach: rest, a unique natural setting and refreshing dips for all users... who could resist its charms?

How to get to Valencia?

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