Blend of cultures and flowing history.


Named after the Roman emperor 'Caesaraugusta' or as we all know it, Zaragoza, envelopes its visitors with its history of more than two thousand years, with its eternal witness behind, the Ebro River.

You cannot miss it

It is not only named after the Romans, but its urban configuration is also based on their influence. By strolling around the historical district of town you can experience the splendour of the Roman empire. Its cultural heritage shows remains of its theatre, port, thermal baths, forum and the walls that once surrounded it.

If you wish to lose yourself in the Cierzo and enjoy the sound of the fast-flowing Ebro, you will be rewarded by the impressive Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar in honour of the Virgin and patron of the city, which the "maños" (people of Zaragoza) affectionately call "La Pilarica". Lose yourself in the details of Goya's and other important painters' frescoes, or be self-absorbed with their reflection on the waters of the river from the Stone Bridge.

Want to know more?

In the square that is named after the Basilica, you will find picturesque stories, such as that of a photographer who portrayed children with a stone cardboard horse as props and the Market in the background. Even if the artist is no longer there, you can still take a picture of yourself on a bronze horse commemorating him. Don't forget to visit the building and enjoy the impressive elegance of its cross vaults.

Nearby you will find gems of Islamic culture that were also on the banks of the river for centuries. The Cathedral of Salvador, the House and the Arch of de Deán have the exotic beauty of the Mudejar style, as do the Torreón de Zuda or the Palacio de la Aljafería. The latter being as beautiful as the Mosque of Cordoba or the Alhambra of Granada.

Give yourself a treat

One of the great pleasures of this city is its gastronomy. Zaragoza's gastronomy can be enjoyed to the full by going out for some tapas; they are so popular that they have their own contest in autumn, when temperatures are milder to digest them better.

The largest concentration of bars to enjoy these small snacks with craft beer are found on the alleys of the Tubo, one of the places to celebrate the most important festivity of the city, the Pilar festivities. Do not miss its initial proclamation, its Rap street concerts (Zaragoza is the Spanish cradle of Hip Hop) and, of course, the spectacle of colours of the fireworks on the Ebro River.

Visiting Zaragoza means making sure that history is alive, as alive as the river that runs through it and the people who travel it.

Seasonal plans

  • If you want to enjoy a summer of culture, Zaragoza is your best bet. The crossroads of cultures that converged on the banks of the Ebro make it a unique city for its rich heritage.
  • Feel the city's perfect mix of past and present through music, at the Roman Forum Museum, where you can enjoy the lively nights with the classical music festival. In addition, from the terrace of the Pablo Serrano Institute of Contemporary Art and Culture of Aragón, you can listen to the alternative music concerts held in the moonlight.
  • During the day, the glimpses of light that are enjoyed from the shadows of Patio de la Infanta will carry you to the beauty of the classic Renaissance.
  • If you wish to enjoy nature, the Water Park has white waters for rafting or quiet waters for sailing, and why not, a sandy beach. Although for an impressive view of the whole of Zaragoza, it is best to visit the Parque Grande José Antonio Labordeta.