What to see in Zaragoza

Visiting Zaragoza proves that history is very much alive, as alive as the river that flows through it and the people who walk along it. Read on and discover what to see and do in Zaragoza!

Zaragoza's must-sees

Roman Zaragoza

This Aragonese capital dates back to Roman times, when it was named after the Roman emperor 'Caesaraugusta'. This Roman legacy is still evident in its streets and urban layout. Walking through the old town you will discover the splendour of this empire. A monumental heritage that leaves remains of its theatre, port, baths, Roman forum and the walls that once surrounded it.

Monumental Zaragoza

When you let yourself drift away to the breeze and the sound of the mighty Ebro, you will be rewarded by the imposing Basilica of Our Lady of the Pilar, located in Plaza del Pilar (Europe's second largest pedestrian square) in honour of the Virgin and patron saint of the city, who is affectionately known as 'La Pilarica'. Dive into the details of its frescoes by Goya and other important painters, or be engrossed by its reflection on the waters of the river from the Puente de Piedra (Stone Bridge).

In the square that bears the same name as the Basilica, you will find colourful stories, such as that of a photographer who took pictures of children with a papier-mâché horse as a prop and the Lonja in the background. Although the artist is no longer with us, you can still immortalise yourself on a bronze horse that commemorates him. Don't forget to enter the building and marvel at the elegance of its ribbed vaults.

Nearby you will find gems from the Islamic culture that also inhabited the banks of the river for centuries. The Cathedral of the Saviour, the House and Arch of Déan have the exotic beauty of the Mudejar style, as do the Tower of Zuda and the Palace of the Aljafería. The latter is as beautiful as the Mosque of Cordoba or the Alhambra in Granada.

Eating and celebrations: Zaragoza at its purest

El Tubo

A stroll along Calle Alfonso is mandatory on any visit to Zaragoza. You will discover one of the great pleasures of this city through this street and its surroundings: good food. Zaragoza should be savoured with tapas, drinking and sharing. So much so that they hold an annual tapas competition in autumn; yet another reason to visit!

The greatest concentration of bars to satiate your palate with these morsels matched with craft beer are in the alleyways of El Tubo. This maze of streets harbours legendary establishments in the Aragonese capital, where you will find everything from typical dishes to haute cuisine.

El Pilar festivities

If there is one thing Zaragoza is known for, apart from the Basilica del Pilar, it is for its festivities in honour of this virgin: Los Pilares.

Don't miss the opening speech, the street concerts to the rhythm of rap —Zaragoza is the Spanish birthplace of hip hop for a reason— and, of course, the colourful fireworks display over the flow of the Ebro.

How to get to Zaragoza?

If you want to get to know Zaragoza, the most comfortable way to travel is by train. The city's main station, Zaragoza Delicias, is located close to the city centre and the Water Park (where the Universal Exhibition was held in 2008!), making it a perfect starting point for your visit.

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