A weekend in Zaragoza

Spain is within your reach. Climb aboard a Renfe train for a direct connection to Spain. Grab the chance to spend a weekend in Zaragoza! ​

On the banks of the Ebro, discover the capital of Aragon, which has a rich architectural heritage of Romans, Muslims, Jews and Christians. We recommend a stroll through the oldest districts to view the city's main jewels, including the majestic Pilar Cathedral, La Seo and La Alfajeria.

We'll help you discover this magnificent city in a different way.

Ebro River


On the heels of Goya

Visit four sites to retrace the footsteps and discover the works of this great artist. This themed tour of the city begins with a visit to this immense Baroque temple, the Basilica of Our Lady of the Pilar, where you can admire the impressive frescoes painted by Goya. The next stop is the Goya Museum, just a few steps away in a majestic Renaissance palace, famous for its magnificent collection of engravings and paintings by the artist. Follow in Goya's footsteps by visiting the Diocesan Museum and the Zaragoza Museum, which has an entire room dedicated to him. Round off your tour with a visit to the Cartuja de Aula Dei, in the rural district of Peñaflor, a Gothic monument containing splendid murals by the artist.

Zaragoza by the riverside

The Expo 2008 site is not far from the historic centre, and you can get there after a pleasant stroll along the Ebro, whose banks were completely renewed for the event. Fantastic works of contemporary architecture await you on the Expo site, including the Bridge Pavilion, the Water Tower, the Convention Centre and Europe's largest river aquarium. We recommend continuing your visit at the Luis Buñuel Water Park, located right next to Expo, a new urban park concept combining ample green areas, services and fun activities for all ages.

Expo 2008 site


An evening in the Tubo district

After a day of frantic sightseeing around the city, it's time to relax and enjoy your weekend. Stroll through the narrow streets of the typical Tubo district and indulge in tapas and local specialities in the district's many bars.

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Travel to Zaragoza by train

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