Your trip with Renfe-SNCF en Cooperación

Each passenger travels for different reasons. Our challenge is to offer you an efficient service and personalised attention, whatever the reason for your trip, so that the journey is always as pleasant and comfortable as possible.


On-board food and drinks


Relax and enjoy the landscape while enjoying the products on our menu.

Our buffet car offers a carefully selected menu of food and drinks, featuring the best products with a French and Spanish touch, but also including great international classics. It offers various seasonal menus and other suggestions, including both hot and cold dishes. We also have a children's menu. Only top-quality products are offered.

Our buffet car has tables and spaces to eat or have a soft drink. If you prefer to remain in your seat, we also have a mobile bar service that serves some of the items available at the buffet car, including soft drinks, hot drinks and cold dishes, as well as snacks and sandwiches. Relax during the journey in the comfort of your seat and our staff on-board will serve you in your seat during the trip.


Wi-Fi and power outlets


With our free on-board Wi-Fi service, you can access the Internet and a variety of contents to make your train journey even more enjoyable.

You can use your entertainment or work devices on our trains, according to your needs. Use devices freely but please do not to disturb other passengers (set to "silence" mode, talk on platforms, etc.).

Forget about the problems of a low battery charge: all seat rows feature power outlets so you can charge your devices.



Club Lounge


Club Lounges are reserved and exclusive areas, for passengers with a First class ticket

Passengers with a "Grand Voyage​​​​ur" card must also have a Clase Preferente (First Class) ticket to access the Club Lounges. ​​

These spaces have been designed to ensure you wait comfortably before the train departs, in a relaxing atmosphere and with our ground staff's services.​

These air-conditioned lounges also feature resting and reading, work, meeting, leisure and self-service cafeteria areas. All of these areas have free Wi-Fi.

Please keep in mind that these lounges may only be used at the departure station, only on the date indicated on the ticket and from 2 hours before the departure of the train.


Multilingual staff


Our staff on-board has been selected to offer you the best assistance and service, regardless of your nationality.

You will find staff who can assist you in several languages throughout the trip.

To facilitate your trip, the announcements of the on-board P.A. system are in different languages, according to the region/country through which you are travelling: Spanish, Catalan, English and French.





Renfe's Atendo service and SNCF's Acces Plus service are combined to provide a free assistance service to people with reduced mobility (both permanent and temporary) from the start to the end of their journey.

The combination of these two services will ensure that Renfe-SNCF en Cooperación passengers will be assisted in Spanish and French territory.

This is a specialised service in which passengers with reduced mobility are guided, informed and helped access and move around stations, with specific staff that will help them get on and off trains. The Atendo and Acces Plus service staff has been trained and made aware of the needs of people with disabilities.


Adapted services during the journey:

  • Accessible toilets with buzzer to notify on-board personnel in case there are any problems.
  • Assistance staff available throughout the trip: our staff on-board will cater to the specific needs that may arise during the journey.
  • Specific spaces for passengers using a wheelchair:
    • there are 2 specific spaces on TGV INOUI trains, located on the ground floor of the first First class carriage (carriage no. 1 or 11). Passengers can use their own wheelchair or request to be transferred to a seat.
    • On AVE (high-speed) trains, there are 2 spaces in carriage no. 8 of Clase Turista (Standard class) The passenger must travel in his/her own wheelchair. Passengers who use a folding wheelchair and wish to travel in a standard seat may do so by requesting assistance from Renfe's Atendo Head Office (OCA).

When a specific request for travelling on our trains in a wheelchair space is requested, the request for assistance to the Atendo/Accès Plus service is created automatically.

Guide dog: travel with their owner free of charge and without a ticket on all of our trains.

People with reduced mobility travelling in a regular seat may request assistance from Atendo/Accès Plus 48 hours in advance before the departure time from the departure station by contacting

  • Atendo (Renfe) Spain: +34 912 140 505 /
  • Accès Plus (SNCF) France: +33 (0) 890 640 650 /




Forget about your luggage when you travel with us. 

The following types of luggage are accepted: handbags, suitcases, travel bags and rucksacks, up to a maximum of 3 items that do not exceed 290 cm together or exceed the dimensions of 85x55x35
cm each
. The total weight of the 3 items must be less than 25 kg.

The following items are considered hand luggage, provided that they do not exceed 46x​70 cm and weigh up to 30 kg:

  • Skis, push-chairs and golf bags.
  • Surfboards not exceeding 120x90 cm (must be stored in the specific places provided for luggage, in order to ensure they do not get in the way of other passengers).
  • Wheelchairs.


Travelling with pets

The following pets can travel on trains: dogs, cats, ferrets and birds (not poultry). The weight of the animal cannot exceed 10 kg and all animals must be carried in a cage or similar carrying system that does not exceed the dimensions of 60x35x35 cm and which allows the animal waste to be contained and removed.

Only one animal per passenger is allowed and it is necessary to have a ticket for the animal. The ticket price for pets is €15 on all journeys.​

Guide dogs:​ travel for free on all trains, with no need for a ticket.