Narbonne, the unexplored city

​​Stunning landscapes, beaches that stretch out to the horizon and exquisite food, we invite you to discover the city's essence through its most distinctive features Renfe's AVE (high-speed) France trains, AVE (high-speed) International between Spain and France connect Narbonne to different Spanish and French cities in only a few hours and in maximum comfort. It will seem like it was a very short trip! ​ ​

Enjoy nature like you have never enjoyed it before 

Narbonnaise en Méditerranée Natural Regional Park has a surface area of 80,000 hectares along the coast. This is a singular spot, with over 2,000 plant species and 300 bird species. Our proposal: take your bicycle or go horseback riding to enjoy it to the fullest. When you reach Bages-Sigean pond, climb on one of the boats and sail while you enjoy the calmness of its surroundings. ​In the evening, you can visit the old fishing village of Gruissan, a good example of the Languedoc region's traditional architecture.   

Much more than just sun and beaches 

​​​​Narbonne is the perfect destination if you are into water sports. You can practice as many water sports as you imagine on Leucate beach: kitesurfing, windsurfing, kayaking, sailing, funboarding, jet skiing, diving, etc. 

Try the most exquisite food 

You can taste some of the most traditional local products without leaving the city centre; you will find honey, Lucques olives, which can only be found in the Languedoc region, and local wines in the food market (Les Halles)

Narbonne also has food and drinks for all tastes, from traditional French cuisine to avant-garde cuisine. Whatever you choose will not be disappointing.   

You cannot leave before you discover a little but about the city's history  

The city's 2,500 years of history do not go unnoticed as you stroll across Narbonne. The Tourist Office organises theme-based guided tours that will allow you to discover the city's many sides: prehistoric, Roman, medieval, modern and contemporary, among others. All tours start at the Tourist Office. 

Travel by train to Narbonne

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