Reminisce Nîmes' past with its Roman games

In the Roman games of Nîmes, designed for the whole family (children and adults), you can enjoy chariot races, duels between gladiators and even a battle between legions. All this, and much more, make Nîmes a destination you must visit. Even more, thanks to the comfort of travelling in Renfe's Alta Velocidad (high-speed) International trains to this amazing city. Hop on Renfe's AVE (high-speed) France trains, AVE (high-speed) International and get to Nîmes using the fastest, most comfortable and sustainable means of transport. 

Along the entire southeast of France, the landscape between the natural park of Narbonne and the Côte d'Azur, is quite a thing to see for those who love to travel. All this in exchange for reaching the very centre of the city and being able to contemplate the main monument of Nîmes as soon as you step on French territory: the Roman amphitheatre and its imperial constructions.​ 

Great historical events at the Roman games in Nîmes

The Roman games of Nîmes begin with the Emperor's entrance, as usual. France (Gaul) was one of the regions that fought the hardest against the Romans. It was not until the conquest of Julius Caesar that Vercingetorix (chieftain of the Gallic troops) and his people surrendered to Rome. The emperor's parade symbolises one of the most historical events, which would lead to provoking the assassination of Julius Caesar. In fact, by crossing the Rubicon River (border between Gaul and Italy) with his troops, he violated the law of Rome and started the Roman civil war between Caesar and Pompey. Envies and internal conflicts in the senate would do the rest and result in Caesar's fatal death. Nîmes is the perfect setting to relive Roman life for these reasons.  

Next, you can enjoy a horse or chariot race in the purest Ben-Hur style. This is the best moment to make a bet, even better if you have assarii or denarii. The excitement and adrenaline soar when you watch how riders and their beasts fight for victory on the track.   

You can also enjoy the parades across the city while this happens, and also before and after. Dressed in clothes of the period, down to the last detail, you can discover some more curiosities about Roman life. The weight of a Roman soldier's armour, their customs before battle or how they saw fortune, leisure and life in general. An excellent opportunity for children to understand how they lived in the past and forget a little about so much comfort.

​​​Visit the Nîmes Tourist Office to travel back to Roman times and participate in the games!​​ 

Maison Carrée

The highlight of Nîmes's Roman games   

Nîmes's Roman games offer spectacular views to the city, you simply cannot miss them: you will not hesitate to visit this festival of historical recreation. An unforgettable weekend getaway.  

For starters, you can see the gladiator fights. Experts from all corners of Europe wear different outfits and compete with different weapons to obtain the favour of the public and the emperor. An exciting duel that will help you understand more of the enigmatic Roman culture and mentality.  

You will experience a live fight, in the open air and with everyone watching, as the Romans did in ancient times. Children will find it fascinating, since they will watch with awe how gladiators fight, right in front of them.   

Finally, the last show will involve more than five hundred specialists dressed in period correct clothes, down to the last detail, to recreate a battle of Roman legions. The sound of clashing steel resonates across the amphitheatre, finishing the Roman games of Nîmes in a grand finale of excitement and struggle. Without a doubt, it is an unparalleled show that you can only watch here and undoubtedly the most important period recreation festival in Europe. 

In addition to its Roman games, Nîmes has a vast wealth of historical remains, not only from ancient times but also from different eras. Its architecture and climate are typical of southern France, an enclave which is even made better thanks to its neighbouring countries: Italy and Spain.  

Travel to Nîmes by train

A trip to Nîmes is the perfect plan for many reasons. Travel on Renfe's AVE (high-speed) France trains to do so comfortably and quickly and enjoy your trip. Book your seat now, Imperator! 

If, in addition to travelling to Nîmes, you are interested in following own your route, we invite you to visit other equally impressive cities connected by our Alta Velocidad (high-speed) International trains thanks to the many combinations of our destinations: from Perpignan, Narbonne, Béziers, Montpellier, ​Avignon, Aix-en-Provence or Lyon​; always from city centre to city centre. 

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