Museum Romanité: a journey across the history of Nîmes

​​Nîmes built a new museum in 2018. Museum Romanité, a huge space dedicated to the Roman legacy in Nîmes. Nîmes was not established in the capital of the Department of Gard for no reason, since what it is manly known for are its many Roman remains​, which are also one of the main tourist attractions. Our AVE (high-speed) France trains, AVE (high-speed) International travelling between Spain and France will take you to Nîmes, so you can visit this and the city's other museums. Comfortable, quick and sustainable. Let's go!

Museum Romanité: more than 9,200 m2 of history   

The Roman heritage in France is especially noticeable in Nîmes. Not surprisingly, the city preserves a rich heritage, which attests to its past. ​This is the case of the legendary Arena of Nîmes, considered the best preserved Roman amphitheatre in the world, as well as Maison Carrée, a Roman temple dating back to the first century BC or the Roman walls. 

It is no coincidence that Museum Romanité was built here, since this space proposes a journey through the history of Nîmes, from the seventh century BC to the Middle Ages. 

This new archaeological museum has a surface area of more than 9,200 m2. This space is entirely dedicated to exhibiting the Roman legacy through 5,000 pieces of the 25,000 it contains. This impressive collection is joined by quite an innovative scenario. The past and present go hand-in-hand in Museum Romanité, thanks to new technologies. Therefore, you will have a first hand experience of some of the most advanced techniques, such as augmented reality, so you enjoy an immersive experience. 

But there's more: an archaeological garden  

In addition to the museum, you can take a break in the charming archaeological garden. Its more than 3,500 m2 of plants and vegetation are distributed according to the main historical stages in which the museum is divided.  

Therefore, you will have the opportunity to walk while observing how the plant landscapes change with each period. Cereals or legumes predominate during the pre-Roman period (second to seventh century BC) while other species, laurel, cypress or rosemary abound during the Roman period (first century BC - fifth century AD).  ​

Visit Museum Romanité  

The discovery of mosaics during a series of archaeological excavations led to the construction of Museum Romanité. These are exhibited at the museum.  

The museum is in an incredibly privileged location, right in front of Arena of Nîmes, so visitors can enjoy these two architectural treasures, which are just one step away from each other. 

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