Entrance to the south of France and capital of Drôme, Valence is a charming city in the Rhône Valley, which was recognised as a "Historic-Artistic City". Its cosy and warm atmosphere will make you feel at home. Tempted to find out for yourself by train?

Valence is listed as a green city for its numerous gardens and green areas. Jouvet park is a good example of this. Located in the heart of the historic district, it is hosted on over 7 hectares and houses more than 700 trees. The canals crossing it and its small zoo make it the perfect place for a good family plan. The Champ-de-Mars' fountains and its famous music kiosk "Peynet" are other examples of the city's charms.

What to see when you visit Valence

Below are a few suggestions for your next trip to Valence, take note!

  • Cathédrale Saint-Apollinaire. Cathédrale Saint-Apollinaire is found in Place des Ormeaux, right on top of the historic district, with views to the ancient city walls. The Gothic-style building of Romanesque origin is the oldest in the city.
  • Maison des Têtes. The Maison des Têtes was built in 1530 with a blend of Gothic and Renaissance styles. The "House of Heads" is famous for its peculiar façade, filled with sculpted faces. You can't miss it!
  • Art and Archaeology Museum of Valence. History and art: all in one! You can find more than 1,500 archaeological items and learn about the history of the civilisations that dwelled in Drôme and the middle valley of the Rhône. Moreover, the art collection features paintings and sculptures from the sixteenth century to the present. We recommend you go up to the museum's viewpoint and enjoy the spectacular views to the city. Prepare your best smile and take a photograph - it's definitely worth it!
  • In the footsteps of Napoleon. Did you know that Napoleon Bonaparte lived in Valence? It was there that he received his military training and there are numerous traces of him around the city. There is even a sculpture of him, the work of Jean-Paul Ravit. You can take a tour to discover all of its secrets during your stay.
  • Fontaine Monumentale. The Fontaine Monumentale can be found in boulevard Bancel, in the centre of Valence. The fountain, one of the city's main symbols, had to be restored after it was damaged in a storm.

Travel by train to Valence

Without a doubt, Valence will surprise you. Having a walk across the historic district is quite an experience. You will find plenty of shops with regional and national products, cafés, restaurants and many other interesting establishments. ​​

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Valence - TGV station

 Valence - TGV train station is a hub of the French transport network that allows travellers to head to the Alixan region (Drôme, Auvergne-Rhône-Alps). This place allows you to easily connect with other road transport networks, if necessary.​