Lyon - Host city of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games

Are you passionate about football? Would you like to watch an Olympic match? Lyon is your destination, a host city of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Lyon Stadium will host men's and women's football matches. Moreover, Lyon will allocate special areas for fans and all sorts of events to enjoy the 2024 Olympics.

Lyon Stadium is a modern stadium that fully runs on renewable energy and is the home of Olympique Lyonnais, the leading local team. The stadium can seat over 50,000 people and is the best place to watch amazing football matches. Do you wish to live the experience? Don't think twice and travel now in our AVE (high-speed) international lines between Spain and France and enjoy Lyon and the 2024 Olympic Games this summer.

The capital of the Rhône-Alpes region; thanks to its dynamic economic activity, this is the third most important city in France. Sitting next to the Rhône and the Saône.

With a great cultural life, it is also well known for its gastronomy and wines, which can be enjoyed in countless restaurants and taverns, found in its typical passageways (traboules), docks, narrow streets or large squares.

Discover all the treasures hidden in Lyon's heritage. You can take a guided tour, of the many organised by its Tourist Office, or discover it at your own pace. Whatever method you choose, Lyon won't let you down.

What to see in Lyon

Here are the places you cannot miss when you travel to Lyon by train: 

  • Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière.
    One of Lyon's symbols, designated a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO, the Minor Basilica was founded in 1872 and built in neo-Gothic and Byzantine style. It is one of the key places to visit when coming to Lyon. Do not forget to enjoy its stained glass windows Saint Joseph Crypt and the views of Fourvière hill. 
  • Lyon's Roman Theatre and Odeon.
    Also known as the Lugdunum Theatre and Odeon, these are two of Lyon's most important symbols of Roman heritage. The Theatre was built in the age of Emperor Augustus (year 15 BC) taking advantage of the slope of Fourvière hill, and the Odeon (small music theatre) was built at the end of the century. These were not used as theatres for long, because they were reverted to a quarry in the Middle Ages. The reconstruction work on both buildings began in the twentieth century.  
  • Lyon Cathedral. 
    Built between 1180-1480 with a blend of two architectural styles: Romanesque (the choir and main altar of the cathedral) and Gothic (the façade).

    The cathedral has an astronomical clock of the fourteenth century, which shows the position of the Earth, the Moon, the Sun and the constellations. The clock has a geocentric model, i.e., it was built with reference to the theory that the sun revolves around Earth. 
  • Ópera Nouvel
    The Ópera Nouvel or Lyon Opera was built in 1831 under the name "Grand Théâtre" by Antoine-Marie Chenavard and Jean-Marie Pollet, and was restored between 1989-1993 by Jean Nouvel. It is currently used by Lyon's National Opera for operas, ballets and concerts. 
  • Institut Lumière
    Institut Lumière is an academic institution created in 1982 by Bernard and Maurice Chardère Trarieux-Light (grandson of Louis Lumière) as a tribute to Louis and Auguste Lumière. The Institute has of a museum and a projection and publishing centre. 

    It is found in the heart of Monplaisir, where the Lumière brothers designed their cinematograph, device used for shooting, projecting and developing images, producing their first film: La sortie des ouvriers des usines Lumière à Lyon Monplaisir (Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory). 

Travel to Lyon by train

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Lyon Part Dieu station

Lyon Part Dieu train station is located in the La Part-Dieu district of Lyon, in the Rhône-Alpes Auvergne region.​​​​​