Are there special offers for school groups? And for other groups?

In general, Renfe's special offers have better conditions for groups of schoolchildren of official, non-university, schools. In some cases, these are also available for other types of groups (seniors, associations, university students, etc.).

All of these offers are subject to meeting certain conditions and restrictions, as in the case of other groups.

Can I accumulate discounts?

The group price is closed for all of its members. The group discount is not accumulated for other groups (young person card, child, Tarjeta Dorada card, Spanish Large Family); the group's own characteristics already determine the offer that will be made.

Can we apply for reduced mobility assistance? Reduced mobility seat (Plaza H)?

The Groups Department can book H seats (seats with wheelchair anchoring points) if the group requests it for any of its members. All other matters related to the Assistance service for people with disabilities or reduced mobility (Groups) are managed from the Main Assistance Office (91 774 40 40).

What is the Release Date?

The reservation release date indicates the maximum time up to which the group ticket can be issued. You do not necessarily have to wait until then, once received it can be issued at any time.

If the release date is exceeded, the seats will no longer be reserved and automatically become available to the general public for purchase through the usual channels.
This limit is usually about two weeks before the start date of the trip, although it may differ in certain circumstances.

Sales channels and purchases with a locator

  • In the case of groups of 4 to 9 people (offer for 4 or more), you can purchase your group tickets at the station ticket offices,, telephone sales and at travel agencies.
  • Groups of 10 to 25 people:
    • If you are travelling on AVE (high-speed), Larga Distancia (Long Distance), Avant (mid-distance high-speed) and Media Distancia (Mid-distance) trains, you can purchase your tickets at the station ticket offices, travel agencies and via the phone sales channels.
    • If you are travelling on Cercanías or Feve trains, you can purchase your tickets at the station ticket offices.
  • For groups of more than 25 people: 
    • If you are travelling on AVE (high-speed), Larga Distancia (Long Distance), Avant (mid-distance high-speed) and Media Distancia (Mid-distance) trains: request a quote by sending an email to or by calling the Contact Centre on 91 919 15 65. After you receive and accept the quote, you will receive a locator to make the purchase at the station ticket offices or travel agencies.
    • If you are travelling on Cercanías or Feve trains: book your group trip by calling the regional centres or, in some cases, by completing the form at Once you have received the locator, you can purchase your tickets at the station ticket offices.

Can I make changes once I have agreed the reservation's price?

Changes can be made to the group (date, number of seats, schedule, etc.) provided that the reservation is not issued and the request is made by email, attaching your reservation at least 72 hours before the release date.

These changes will be made whenever possible and the fact of requesting them does not imply acceptance.

If there are substantial changes to the group's parameters, the conditions offered may vary.

How do I request a change to my group booking reservation price?

The request must be made by sending an e-mail to Groups Department attaching the file where we will send the reservations, at least 72h in advance.

The Groups Department can be reached from Monday to Friday (except public holidays).

How can I pay for the group ticket?

Payment can be made at an authorised travel agency or at a station with advance ticket sales (always before the release date on your reservation).

Please note that payment in cash (within the legal limitsset forth) or credit card is accepted at the station.

When can I pay for the tickets?

When you receive your reservation, you can pay for it and have your tickets issued, taking into account that, once issued, no changes can be made to them.

Can I receive individual tickets?

The group ticket is a single ticket. No individual tickets are issued to members of the group ticket.

What can we do if we have lost the ticket?

You can reprint the ticket either from the PDF for tickets issued by travel agencies or with the locator at the station, as in the case of other tickets.

How do our group members board the train?

Since this is a single ticket, all travellers in the group must pass through boarding control (if any) and board the train at the same time.

Access to the train is not allowed at a different station other than the group's station of origin.

How early should the group arrive at the train station?

Boarding control closes a few minutes before the train departs. In the case of groups, we recommend at least 45-30 minutes in advance.

What luggage can the group carry?

Generally speaking, all passengers with a ticket may carry up to three pieces of hand luggage, for which they will be responsible and which they must store in the designated areas. The combined dimensions (length+width+height) may not exceed 290 cm and the largest of them may not be bigger than: 85 x 55 x 35 cm (length-width-height). The combined weight may not exceed 25 kg.

The conditions are the same as for individual tickets.

Check all the information about luggage on our website.

Am I entitled to free parking? Access to Club Lounges? Food and drinks?

The group ticket does not entitle you to free parking, regardless of the type of seat in which you are travelling. It does give you access to the Club Lounge and In-seat Food Service if the individual ticket allows for this.

Does the group ticket include a free Cercanías ticket?

The group ticket in AVE (high-speed) or Larga Distancia (Long Distance) allows you to obtain the free train ticket for Cercanías under the same conditions as the individual ticket. Therefore, it is valid for the group travelling together and for each passenger separately, allowing the group to obtain as many Cercanías tickets as travellers included in the group ticket.

How can I request the bill?

For tickets purchased from travel agencies, the bill must be issued by the travel agency.

If you purchased your ticket at a station, you can request it from the station's Customer Services Centre.

You can also request it in writing to our postal address:
Billing Department of Renfe Viajeros (Renfe Passengers)
Avenida Ciudad de Barcelona nº 6
28007 Madrid

Or by e-mail Ticket bills.

In all cases, the original (or scanned or photocopied) tickets must be presented.