For tickets bought on or after 1 July 2021


Renfe is implementing an exciting commercial transformation plan to provide an even better response to the needs of the more than 500 million customers who, like you, choose Renfe each year when travelling.

One of the initiatives of this transformation plan is the new commercial structure. Here we tell you what it consists of.

What is the new commercial structure?

The commercial structure which has been used up till 1 July 2021 is more than 25 years old, and while it has been regularly updated, it has never undergone such a profound and ambitious transformation as now.

The new commercial structure is simpler, easier to understand and more transparent, allows you to design the trip to measure and offers a more competitive price, where you pay only for those services that you want to enjoy during your trip. 

The class and fare concepts are no longer applied, and you now have simply 3 travel options: Básico (Basic), Elige (Pick & Mix) and Prémium (Premium).


Which trains does it affect?

The new commercial structure affects the Ave (high-speed) and Larga Distancia (long distance) trains, i.e. Intercity, Euromed and Alvia.

Meanwhile, trains that are considered a public service, i.e. Avant (mid-distance high-speed), Media Distancia (Mid-distance) and Cercanías (Suburban) or Rodalies (Commuter), are excluded.


What are the new tickets?

Before, when booking your Ave and Larga Distancia (long distance high-speed) journey, once you chose the route, date of travel and time of travel, you had to choose between Clase Turista (standard class) or Preferente (first class) and then pick one of the available fares: Return, Flexible, Promo, Promo+, etc.

This all changes with the arrival of the new commercial structure. Once you've chosen your trip, travel date and travel time, all you have to do is choose from one of the following three travel options: Básica (Basic), Elige (Pick and Mix) and Prémium (Premium).

The price of each of the travel options includes certain features that can be improved at extra cost. So you can decide what to pay for each trip based on the services that interest you.

See the compare tickets table 


What is the new Básico (Basic) ticket?

Basic is the best option if what matters most to you is the price.

If you travel with the Basic ticket, you will get the cheapest price and enjoy a standard seat.

You can improve your trip by adding the following services at extra cost:

  • Changes and cancellations
  • Seat selection
  • Travel with your pet

Not including refreshments.

See all that is included and extra services of the Basic ticket.


What is the new Elige (Pick and Mix) ticket?

Elige (Pick & Mix) is the ideal option if you want to design your travel options to suit your needs. It is the only one that allows you to choose the type of seat in which you want to travel: standard seat if you buy the Elige ticket or comfort seat if you buy the Elige Confort ticket.

In addition to the features included in your Elige ticket, you can customise other aspects of your journey at an extra cost, such as:

  • Greater flexibility in changes and cancellations
  • Change ticket holder
  • Travelling with pets
  • You can leave the seat next to yours vacant so that you can travel alone and have more space. 

See all that is included and extra services of the Elige ticket.


What is the new Prémium (Premium) ticket?

The Prémium (Premium) is your best choice if you want to travel in the utmost comfort and with complete peace of mind. With this option, you will enjoy all the extras at a competitive price

With your Premium ticket, you will have a comfort seat and food and drink brought to you. You can also make booking changes even when you have missed your train. You will also be entitled to change the ticketholder or to travel with your pet. All included in the price of your ticket.

If you want to improve your trip, you can leave the seat next to yours vacant so that you can travel alone and have more space.

See all that is included and extra services of the Prémium ticket.


Are Turista (Standard) and Preferente (First-class) classes going to disappear?

The Clase Turista (Standard Class) and Clase Preferente (First Class) will no longer be used under the new commercial structure. Instead, two new seat types have been created:

  • The standard seat (formerly Turista). It is located in carriages with a 2+2 seating layout, i.e. each row has 2 seats, 1 aisle between them and another 2 seats on the other side.
  • The comfort seat (formerly, Preferente) is a more comfortable and spacious seat. It is located in carriages formerly known as Preferente, with a 2+1 seating layout, i.e. each row has 2 seats, 1 aisle between them and another seat.

The type of seat will now be an additional feature under each of the travel options. This means that with the Básico (Basic) ticket you will always enjoy a standard seat, and with the Prémium (Premium) option you will always enjoy a comfort seat, while with the Elige (Pick & Mix) option, you choose whether you want a standard seat or a comfort seat. 


Are the Return, Flexible, Promo, etc., fares going to disappear?

One of the great advantages of the new commercial structure is that it is simple, transparent and flexible.

The Return, Flexible, Promo or Promo+ fares are no longer going to be applied. Instead, you simply have to choose from the 3 new options available: Básico (Basic), Elige (Pick & Mix) and Prémium (Premium).

You can get a special discount on the price of tickets you buy under the child fare, Tarjeta Dorada (golden card) or the Youth Card: Básico (Basic), Elige (Pick & Mix) or Prémium (Premium). In the past, they included a range of discounts, which sometimes differed according to the day of the week and applied only on the highest fare.


What if I have bought a ticket before 1 July?

If you have bought a ticket before the launch of the new commercial structure, don't worry, you can still enjoy your trip using that ticket's terms and conditions.





Tickets to travel on Ave and Long Distance trains are nominative. Do not forget to take with you a valid proof of identity with a photograph (DNI, Driving License, Residence Card or Passport). Identity checks can be performed during the check-in process or on board the trains.