Cancellation and Changes by Customer


1. Cancellations

The Travel Agency / CLIENT may cancel the services booked with Renfe Viajeros at any time, by doing so through the online Renfe sales system and being entitled to a refund for the amounts paid, except for 15% of the total amount of booking (on the applicable RRP) which must be paid to Renfe Viajeros as penalty.

The penalty for cancellation will be applied from the moment the reservation is made.

The percentage to be applied, based on the applicable RRP in force, will be increased depending on the cancellation date with respect to the start date of the trip, as follows:

  • Cancellation between 30 and 15 days: 25%
  • Cancellation between 14 and 5 days: 50%
  • Cancellation between 4 and 1 day: 80%
  • Cancellation less than 24 hours before or no show on the day of departure: 100%

In case the CLIENT cancels a reservation, Renfe Viajeros shall be authorized to deduct the compensation described in this section from the amounts paid by the CLIENT as “registration and guaranteed reservation fee”, prior to the return of any due refund amount.

In case the CLIENT has not explicitly communicated the cancellation and has not completed payments for the required amounts within the time limit, Renfe Viajeros will be entitled to claim compensatory amounts from the CLIENT according to the percentages set out in this section, which must be paid within a maximum of THIRTY (30) days from the date of notification by Renfe Viajeros.


2. Changes

All changes must be required in writing.

a) Change of trip date:

  • Changes are allowed, without cost, communicated more than 120 days before the departure
  • Changes required between 120 and 31 days in advance: 15% of compensation
  • No changes are allowed on the date of the trip less than 30 days before the departure date.

b) Change of passengers’ name:

  • The name of one of the two passengers travelling in a double room may be changed up to 5 days before the departure of the trip.
  • No name changes are allowed for both passengers travelling in a double room, or for the passenger travelling in single room. These changes will be considered cancellations.



1. Before Departure

If Renfe Viajeros is forced to modify any essential part of the Trip hired, it will notify the CLIENT immediately.

Upon receiving any communication by any of the means in section II.1.1, the CLIENT will be entitled to terminate the contract and all amounts paid on account, or to accept the change that will become part of the binding contractual conditions between the parties.

For these purposes, the following are not considered to be a modification of essential items: changing one visit for a comparable one; changing the schedules or chronological order of the visits; changing the locations of places for meals or overnight stays in the travel itinerary; the replacement of the means of transport on a particular trip; any variation in shows and performances.

If for technical or organizational reasons Renfe Viajeros feels it is necessary to suspend the trip, it will offer passengers another date or a refund.

2. After commencing the trip

Itineraries may be subject to changes due to circumstances unrelated to the Renfe Viajeros or due to other problems that may arise during unusual operations on the network where the Tourist Trains run. In these cases, Renfe Viajeros shall take appropriate solutions for the continuation of the trip organized at no extra cost and informing the CLIENT. If the CLIENT continues the journey with the solutions provided by Renfe Viajeros, they shall be deemed to have accepted these proposals.

Renfe tourist trains does not accept liability for its trains’ punctuality since their objective is not merely transporting passengers but also providing leisure, enjoyment and the fulfilment of an established tourist programme and services.