Children up to 4 years old will not pay a ticket and will travel under the tutelage and full responsibility of an adult. They will always be covered by Travelers Insurance. Renfe Viajeros will allow children under 4 years of age to travel in the Suites, Rooms or Compartments of the Luxury Trains always accompanied by an adult and to make use of all the services of the train and the trip, as well as the breakfast service, without generating plus extra expenses to Renfe Viajeros, such as lunches, dinners, tickets and visits with cost, which will be borne by the companion.

a) In double occupancy, the companion will pay the individual supplement and may travel with the child.

b) b) In double occupancy (accompanying couple + child) The child will travel with an adult for free and the adult will pay the price per person in double. The other adult will travel in another suite and will pay the price per individual person, plus the supplement. (Grand Class Suite (CVE), Grand Classroom (TAA), Standard Compartment (ELR)

c) In triple occupancy they will pay for the Suite as double occupancy and may travel with the child.

Children over 4 years old will pay 100% of the full ticket.

Children under 14 years of age must travel in the company of an adult and children under 18 years of age travel under the responsibility of their parents or guardians.

PMR (People with Reduced Mobility)

Renfe's Luxury Trains are vintage trains where an attempt is made to preserve their original charm and distribution, so they are not adapted for PRM and it is impossible for a wheelchair to move inside them.

The PRM traveling on board these trains will have to have a minimum of mobility and always be accompanied by another person to provide the help they may need.

Travel Agents

In order to ensure that Sellers of Renfe Luxury Trains (Travel Agents) know the products better and that their Agencies can promote the TTL more appropriately, they will enjoy a 30% discount on the Concerted Rate on regular trips. RRP.

To be entitled to this offer, Travel Agencies must be registered as Collaborators of the Renfe TTL and prove their interest in the promotion and sale of these Trains.