Media Jobs

To contact our Press Office you can get in touch with 

If you want to request authorization to record images or take photographs at Renfe facilities (local train stations, workshops and trains) for informative work, you can send us an email by completing the following information:

  • Communications media.
  • Name and ID of the people who are going to do the work.  
  • Planned date and time for the work.
  • Object or purpose of the work.
  • Contact person and telephone number.

The authorization will only be valid for the period in which the professional work in the relevant railway facilities is to be carried out.

Application for authorisation for individuals, railway enthusiasts or companies to carry out work in the audiovisual field (film or television shoots, advertising spots, etc.) that require recordings or photography in Renfe facilities or trains.

  • Both for professionals and for private individuals, a civil responsibility policy is requested for filming, as well as the coverage of the costs that Renfe has established for this type of activity, whether it is a question of filming on a train or in any installation or Cercanías (Commuter) station.
  • The carrying out of any kind of external work, including those related to recording, photographic reports, etc., requires the collaboration of Renfe personnel, to guarantee compliance with the Internal Regulations established for this purpose, as well as the participation of professionals from the different Business Areas involved and security personnel.
  • The request must arrive at least 15 days in advance in the case of a professional shoot that requires a contractual relationship between both parties and at least 10 days in all other cases.
  • Renfe reserves the right at all times to authorise or deny the aforementioned recordings after a prior study of the proposals or scripts.

Personal photographs of Railway Enthusiasts

Private individuals or railway enthusiasts who wish to take photographs in the private areas for public use in the stations and railway facilities managed by Renfe as well as on the trains will not need to have prior permission.

However, the following limitations and exceptions are in place for the taking of the mentioned photographs:

  • In the private areas with restricted use at the stations or facilities, access to which requires possession of the relevant ticket (Club lounges or waiting rooms, restricted platforms, etc.)
  • In areas where services and the carrying out of normal rail activities might be affected (work centres, ticket sale offices, etc.); as well as other restricted entry areas, as established by the Railway Act, that are associated with railway safety and operating (Workshops, control posts, railway premises, etc.)
  • It is forbidden to take pictures of security personnel, sales personnel as well as any worker related to normal railway operation without their prior written consent.
  • Even if the photographs are taken by railway enthusiasts, those articles where the main subject is not of a railway or railway-related nature will need specific permission to do so.
  • The use of images taken without permission for later commercial use or profit is strictly forbidden.
  • Remember that any person has the right to preserve his or her image and privacy so no images of him or her may be captured without his or her prior consent.
  • Finally, the use of tripods is permitted as long as the limitations already mentioned are not violated, especially those relating to the safety of persons and the effect on the transit and normal development of railway activity.