The expression of our brand




We convert the "acronym" origin of
term in a proper name with strong
handwritten component that evokes the idea
of "signature" and personal commitment.
A logo with a typographic shape that
connotes modernity and closeness

In our logo the color is
a determined bet, a component
essential. A color with character,
evokes elegance, commitment, modernity.
A highly sensitive color that requires
a delicate treatment

An exclusive and distinctive typeface
that communicates the concept of effectiveness,
professionalism and leadership


Our brands, services and products

The mark and the overbrand model

The Renfe brand has been built following a criterion called “overbrand”, where the parent brand works as an “umbrella” for the rest of the elements and guarantees its coherent combination. In accordance with this criterion, graphic solutions were proposed for its development and communication, covering two levels of application for the brand and the product.

The use of the corporate colours meets the same criterion. Adapted versions are available for AVE (High Speed), Avlo (High Speed, Low Cost) and Cercanías (Commuter) commercial services with specific colour uses.

For Trenes Turísticos (Tourist Trains), their image within the product portfolio has a differentiating design, typical of the very special and unique product that this type of service offers.