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  • 2019-2023 Strategic plan. (Pending to be updated)

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Specialised Committees

  • Specialised Committees. (Pending to be updated)

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Relationships with society, users or stakeholders and quality of service

Spanish Transparency Act

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  • Quality of Services (PDF document). (Refer to section "Quality of Service" of the Management Report, page 263 of the document).

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Transparency in contracting and agreements

Contracting Instructions


From this section you can access the Public Sector Contracting Platform, through different links corresponding to:

Contract Amendments

When an amendment is carried out that is mandatory for publication, in accordance with Directive 2014/25/EU, it is published on the Platform and in the OJEU.

Contracting volume data

  • Contracting volume data (Pending to be updated)

Publication of Contracts on the Public sector contracting platform


Right of access to information

Spanish Transparency Act

Online information request form

Statistical information of application management

Complaints for applications submitted

Attached is a document "Resolutions of Renfe complaints published by the Transparency Council" which includes a summary by year and the corresponding links to the complaints received by the CTBG (Council of Transparency and Good Governance) referring to Renfe and its resolutions published on its web page.

Corruption Prevention and Compliance Transparency and Good Governance

Corruption Prevention System

Code of Ethics

Whistleblower Channel