Before you make a request, please note that

  • Any individual or legal entity may request access to public information, in accordance with their right to public information set out in Law 19/2013, of 9 December, on transparency, access to public information and good governance.
  • Public information of the Renfe Group is considered to be information where the knowledge of which is essential to guarantee the transparency of its activity related to the operation and control of public action. Some of this information is already published in this section of Transparency and/or in the Transparency Website in compliance with the aforementioned Law, so we recommend that before making a request you visit the Website to check that the information is not published there.
  • The application may be submitted by any means which provides evidence of: the identity of the applicant, the information requested, a contact address, preferably electronic, for the communication purposes and, if applicable, the preferred method of accessing the information requested (through the Transparency Website or by post).
  • If you wish to request information on different subjects, use one request per subject to facilitate the referral of the request to the competent unit for a response.
  • You can consult the "Citizens' guide to exercising their right to access public information":