We offer maximum flexibility when it come to selling or hiring our rolling stock through one-off or long-term leases to adapt to our clients' requirements and so that they can best take advantage of hiring stock.


We adjust to our clients' requirements offering tailored solutions that best match their needs.

A Large Fleet

We have a large fleet to cover most market requirements in rail transport.
Immediate delivery and replacement vehicle

As we own our fleet, we can immediately make required stock available to clients according to their needs.

Our large fleet enables us to offer replacement vehicles during the lease period to optimise stock availability.

Comprehensive service with maintenance

We hire our rolling stock including all necessary maintenance services so that our clients get a full service enabling them to focus on their business.

Our heavy and light maintenance experience, in addition to our extensive Fleet Parts and replacement ability ensure the high availability of our vehicles.

24h workshop network and technical assistance

We have a wide network of over 50 workshops and assistance depots spread across Spain that enable us to offer a quick response and avoid unnecessary movements to undertake maintenance tasks.

Our technical assistance teams are available 24 hours a day to deal with any type of incident that may arise during the operation.


Our staff's wealth of experience and the support of our group of companies enable us to offer top-quality professional advice, supporting clients in finding the best solution in each instance.

Fleet adaptation

We have the necessary engineering support to undertake vehicle transformation projects so that clients have rolling stock that best matches their requirements.

Brand guarantee

The strength, experience and professional renown of our business group ensures the solvency and quality of our services.