Renfe Alquiler (Renfe Rolling Stock Hire) has rolling stock for sale. If you are interested in purchasing railway rolling stock, please tell us what you require and check the rolling stock we have on sale at all times.


Engine Hire

We hire our engines inclusive of comprehensive maintenance services. Comprehensive maintenance includes preventive, corrective tasks, cleaning and other ancillary services (manoeuvres at maintenance facilities, 24/7 technical assistance service, etc.).

Availability and Reliability

We make major availability and reliability commitments regarding our rolling stock that vary depending on the type of leased vehicle.

Maintenance Base

We offer clients the chance to choose the maintenance base of the Renfe Group that best matches their requirements from those valid for their specific rolling stock type.


We ask our clients to have a civil liability and damage insurance policy and provide a guarantee whose amount depends on the duration of the contract and the number of hired vehicles.

Use and operation

Renfe Alquiler (Renfe Rolling Stock Hire) hires out the maintained stock and our clients use and operate it.

Financial terms

The monthly rental comprises:

  • A Set Fee per vehicle that depends on the type of hired engine, number and duration of the rental. It is due in the first two days of the month of billing.
  • A Variable Fee based on the kilometres covered by each hired vehicle. The price per kilometre will depend on the type of engine. It is paid monthly in arrears.


As we try to adapt to our clients' requirements, our lease agreements are flexible in terms of duration, with a minimum term of one month.
Constant information

We have a constant flow of communication with our clients to continuously improve our services and exchange information about incidents, breakdowns, accidents, kilometres covered and other circumstances that may concern the vehicles.