At Renfe Mercancías, we have a pioneering operations management centre in Spain, in operation at our headquarters in Madrid since the end of 2018. This centre is equipped with the most advanced digital technology for controlling all of the operations performed by the trains we manage. The CGO (operations management centre) monitors all of the components of the productive and commercial process in real time, from the moment a train is scheduled to run until its arrival at its destination. 

The technology used is based on the Copernicus system. Each train's entire journey is monitored in real time through Copernicus, using GPS technology, and the information is made available for our customers. 



We are also immersed in projects in two main areas: development of last-mile services and implementation of efficient combined-transport services such as rolling highways, which would result in a significant reduction in lorries on roads and, collaterally, a reduction in emissions from this form of transport.

We are also bringing innovation to our fleet of carriages, adapting them so that we can transport products that have to stay in the cold chain and thus ensure that they reach their destination in perfect condition.