LogiRail is the "Logistics Ground Services" provider for Renfe Mercancías' Business Areas, facilitating the construction of a comprehensive range of logistics services in which rail transport serves as one more link in the chain of services provided throughout the logistical network of companies.

Scope of action. Provision of services in ground terminals (logistics areas, dry ports, logistics platforms, seaports, logistics centres, modal hubs, railway terminals and intermediate railway facilities, etc.).

  • Self-provision of railway services. 
  • Management of haulage road transport upon departure and arrival of rail traffic.
  • Clearing management for the automotive sector:
    • Own clearings: Torrejón, Villaverde Bajo, La Llagosta and Villamalla
    • Storage, inspection, technical and mechanical services, renovation, renovation, paintwork.


Operations on railway equipment for trains

  • Coupling/Uncoupling 
  • Braking tests 
  • End signals 
  • Manoeuvres 
  • Formation of trains 
  • Driving in terminals 
  • Fuel supply 
  • Sand supply 
  • Special transportation 
  • Wagon weighing 
  • Cleaning of material

Modal transfer operations for goods Loading/unloading trains

  • Stowing and strapping wagons 
  • Operation of ITUs 
  • Commercial billing 
  • Local-level distribution 
  • Full load haulage 
  • Route planning 
  • Port and railway operations 
  • Washing of wagons and ITUs 
  • Customs management

Logistics operations at freight terminals

  • Terminal management
  • Storage and stockage
  • Consolidation of materials
  • Picking and packing
  • Packaging and labelling
  • Deposit of empty ITUs
  • Reverse logistics
  • Computerised traceability
  • Personalisation of products
  • Management of permits/procedures
  • Cleaning of goods