Transport of cars

The automotive industry is currently one of the most important pillars of the Spanish economy, with Spain one of the leading car manufacturers in Europe and the world.

Considering that having an efficient logistics and transport fabric is essential for this economic activity, especially for this type of factory in which the concept of a "just in time" delivery is as one of the essential values.

At Pecovasa Renfe Mercancías, we transport cars both nationally and internationally, collaborating with the main companies in the sector, making it possible to provide a comprehensive service to manufacturers, attending their needs, either at ports, internal clearings or border crossings.



Pecovasa transports vehicles by rail throughout Spain.

Connects car factories with ports and distribution logistics centres.

In addition, it transports internationally to European countries, serving the customer's needs.

Discover our fleet of wagons to transport vehicles both nationally and internationally.


Information Systems

In addition to its own Navisión computer system, Pecovasa Renfe Mercancías works with the computer specifications requested by each customer.

This makes it possible to fully exchange information with each customer, both at production and billing levels and in traffic and clearing logistics.