The most efficient and secure logistics solution for goods

We boast a presence in the logistics market, with a powerful range of rail services within the intermodal field.
The flexibility and guarantee we offer in the transport of contained goods consolidates rail transport as a necessary link in efficient logistics chains.


What can we offer you? Rail transportation of containers, swap bodies and semi-trailers.

Whether directly or as part of logistics chains, we connect production/manufacturing centres with:

  • Distribution and consumption hubs.
  • Production centres for semi-finished and final products.
  • Dry ports and seaports (export/import).
  • Throughout the Iberian peninsula and rest of the continental Europe.

Optimal connectivity for maritime transport:

  • Continuity on land of high-volume, long-distance maritime transport.
  • We extend the port hinterland to the entire Iberian peninsula and continental Europe.
  • We connect ports on opposite coasts in just a few hours.

The best tool for logistics operators:

  • Rapid processing, 24/7.
  • Scalable logistics solutions (from macro-volumes to local-level distributors).
  • Elasticity and adaptability in the configuration of rail services.
  • Operational and economic functionality in real time through the website.



Multicustomer Intermodal Network

  • Standardised intermodal transport network. 
  • 58 direct origin/destination business relationships in domestic traffic.
  • Symmetrical corridors (return trip).
  • Several weekly frequencies (depending on corridor and period).
  • Marketed through the online sales system (Container Click).
  • Stable prices throughout the year.
  • Sales unit. - 20', 30', 40', 45' CONTAINER or approved equivalent.


Port trains

Whether directly or as part of logistics chains, we connect production/manufacturing centres with:

  • Linking port railway terminals with the centre of the Iberian peninsula.
  • Return trips.
    • Madrid ↔ Algeciras TTI 
    • A.Madrid ↔ Valencia CSP



Customer trains

  • You define the requirements of the railway service, in terms of origin, destination, dates, times, volumes, frequency, etc.
  • Option of being integrated into any logistics chain, with elasticity.
  • Personalised and contractualised relationship.
  • Telematic management and control via the customer service website.
  • Peninsular and intra-European corridors.
  • Sales unit. - FULL TRAIN



Slot Services

  • Share multi-client intermodal trains.
  • Conceived to facilitate the stable traffic of containers with volumes that do not meet the single-customer train threshold.
  • Even more competitive prices.
  • Reservation of guaranteed spaces on all trains for the contracted service.
  • Sales unit. - SLOT (up to 60', up to 60 mt per unit)
  • ClubTECO. - Customer service portal for customers with multiple traceability, localisation and operational management utilities.
  • ContainerClick. Online sales system for spaces on trains in the Multi-Client Service Network.
  • Invoicing Estimate. - ZERO after-sales objective.
    • We provide you with a system that allows you to monitor your activity and invoices before they are issued. Result, 100% correct invoices.
  • Copernicus. - Our trains have GPS, and we show you their location in real time.

Discover the fleet of railway carriages we have for transporting this type of product.