Iron and steel and the railway have gone hand in hand throughout history.

The iron and steel sector is a benchmark in the financial performance of markets and an accurate reflection of the global situation.

The automobile, shipyard, construction, engineering, electrical appliance and industry market are just some of the recipients of iron and steel product traffic.

Flat product

There are 3 types of steel coils:

  • "Black" coil: This is the hot-rolled coil to which no treatment has been applied. They are transported in open coil-carrier carriages with five chocks (see MMB wagon).
  • "Cold" coil. These are cold-rolled coils to which stripping, galvanising or electro-finished treatments have been applied. It is material directly aimed at the industrial, automotive or engineering sector. They are transported in closed coil-carrier carriages with five chocks (see JJ5/JJ9 wagon).
  • "Tin" coils: aimed at the canning and beverage sector (soft drink cans). This sector has reorganised its processes and modernised its factories with the latest technology to improve its productivity. Renfe Mercancías collaborates in this process that requires a correct supply of tin from the steel mills, and whose final destination will be the manufactured product. They are vertical shaft coils transported on pallets. For transport, a closed flat-floor wagon is used (see JJ7 wagon)

The minimum unit of sale is 500 net tons of minimum transport per train, and a regular number of shipments of 1 train/weekly (30,000 tons/year of turnover) for inclusion in the Transport Plan.

Our offer covers several possibilities:

  • Long-term contracts
  • Annual contracts
  • Spot price deals


Long product

This category includes products such as plates, corrugated rod, sheet metal, wire rod and rails, which are items used in the construction sector for the development of new constructions for residential and business use or public works

    Track: Track shipments are made for both high-speed line construction and conventional track renovation.
  • Special trains called "ROBBEL" with transport capacity of 30 bars up to 270 meters for high speed and "CAF" type rails for conventional track renewal are used for long bar transport.
  • Building material: sheets, corrugated rod, wire rod. 18 meter long platforms are used (see MM2/MM4 wagon type)


We offer customised transportation solutions, whether it's for an end customer or for one of their own plants.

We can offer the complete logistics chain, that is, door to door, thanks to our alliance with logistics operators.



Raw materials

  • Scrap iron: Aware of the needs of the Steel Mills that require raw material with which to create the different products they manufacture and market, Renfe Mercancías participates in the demanding process of logistics and constant supply for the continuous recycling of scrap. Open carriages protected by safety nets are used for transport (see xx wagon).
  • By-products (billets): In addition to scrap, there are other by-products used by the Steel Mills as a raw material, such as billet, which we can transport anywhere in the country with our platform wagons. An MM2 (up to 18 meters in length) or MM9C (up to 12 meters in length) platform wagon is required.

 Together we will design your train to customise it according to your needs.


And we also provide IT tools that let you track your goods along the way:

We have the following options for transporting any type of iron and steel product.