We offer tailor-made services with European coverage. A trusted provider, which provides reliable, efficient access to Europe's large distribution networks through a single point of contact.


Door-to-door services:

Logistics solutions for sectors that require a high level of specialisation: 

  • Food Sector
  • Cars and Spare Parts Sector
  • Engineering and Renewable Energy Sector.
  • Industrial Sector: Steel, Petrochemical and Gas, Paper...
  • Textile Sector
  • Recycling and Waste Management Sector


Multi-mode solutions: 

With a network of partners across the continent, we offer customised solutions that combine rail transport with road transport and shipping.

  • Storage and distribution services
  • Auxiliary logistics services at railway terminals
  • Load consolidation and deconsolidation
  • Temperature-controlled transport
  • Handling services
  • Cross-docking
  • Production sourcing logistics
  • Customs Services Management
  • IT Integration Solutions


Transport capacity: 

We have the largest fleet of carriages and platforms in Spain to guarantee a high load capacity and connect the main Spanish and European ports, as an essential strategic partner in international trade operations.


Value-added Services: 

Tailor-made logistics for B2B customers who value agility in transport and transparency in processes.

  • We provide comprehensive coverage for our customers
  • We manage first-mile and last-mile operations, ensuring seamless integration with our rail services
  • Our specialists advise you on the best, most effective and competitive option, including selecting the right equipment
  • Our experience in dangerous (RID-ADR) goods guarantees that you comply with current regulations in total safety
  • Our multi-mode transport solutions provide our customers with easy access to the rail network


Total traceability of goods: 

Customers have access to real-time tracking of their goods 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through our high-tech digital centre for managing and controlling their train traffic. We are an integrated logistics operator that is committed to innovative solutions.


New services: 

Always evolving, we develop new services and connections. 

Renfe Mercancías (Renfe Freight) connects Spain with China through its partner companies, making rail transport an effective, reliable and faster alternative to shipping.

Rolling highway, a combined transport service that puts lorries on trains and provides a safer, more ecological mode of transport for goods and hauliers, with competitive costs for shipping with a high turnover, and lots of operational flexibility. A continuous 24/7 service without the mandatory rest breaks you have on the road.