Our disinfection and cleaning protocols

Your trust is important to us, which is why at Renfe we continue to strengthen our cleaning and disinfection procedures on all our trains to offer you a safe environment during your trip. 

These procedures, in addition to the different embarkation, disembarkation and on-board measures, have earned the AENOR certificate against COVID-19 for passenger transport.

The protocols, certified by AENOR through exhaustive in-person and document assessments, cover every moment at which a passenger comes into contact with the company's services before, during and once their journey has ended, including check in and boarding trains, passenger distribution, cleaning and disinfection the inside of trains, as well as measures to protect passengers and employees, among others.

This certification process to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is another step in the Secure Train Objective programme, designed by Renfe to offer all its passengers the maximum confidence when travelling and successfully transition into the new normal.

Disinfection and cleaning protocols

  • Deep and systematic cleaning of the entire train, including seats, floors, horizontal and vertical linings.
  • Use of OX VIRIN, a highly-efficient disinfectant.
  • Careful disinfection of all contact areas: pushbuttons to open and close the doors, armrests, seat trays, handrails, etc.
  • Deep cleaning of toilets and all their elements, in addition to buffet cars and driver's cabs, which are home to especially sensitive devices such as touch screens, buttons, doorknobs and panels.
  • We continue to replace the headrests on all seats before each trip.
  • Cleaning and disinfection log, with the date and time of all work carried out. This sheet is in visible areas inside the train for your consultation and information.
  • Extraordinary, extended cleaning every five journeys, applying disinfectant to the entire train.
  • No train leaves the station without having undergone prior cleaning and without the mandatory replacement of hygienic and sanitary elements. The fleet of train is subject to the usual cleaning schedule, which has now been stepped up with additional interventions that guarantee the highest quality standards in disinfection.
  • A team of more than 125 people ensure the disinfection and cleanliness of all spaces during the trip. They take care of the specific maintenance of those seats that are free at intermediate stations, to completely sanitise them before they are occupied by another person, and they will offer assistance during the journey at any other point of the train where it is necessary.
  • Increased ventilation rate inside carriages. Renfe is currently completely renewing the air in the passenger room 9 times every hour (every 7 minutes). This cleaning ensures the air in the passenger cars is completely renewed.

In addition, for your peace of mind and safety, ADIF has installed temperature measurement cameras at main terminals. You can find all the information at www.adif.es.
Before your trip, check possible restrictions or health-related conditions on the website of the autonomous region you are visiting.

These aim of these measures, in addition to the new boarding procedures, is to ensure that you travel with total peace of mind and security.