Renfe is considered a world reference in rail services, so we have taken on the challenge of becoming a benchmark operator in mobility beyond our borders.

Renfe's Strategic Plan includes internationalization as one of the three pillars for the transformation of the company.

For this reason, Renfe Proyectos Internacionales, a company 100% owned by Entidad Pública Empresarial Renfe-Operadora, was created in 2023 to develop the company's international business.


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Brussels Office

Our office in Brussels is responsible for liaising and acting on behalf of the Renfe Group before international European organisations, with the ultimate aim of identifying strategic opportunities and risks for the Group. The office is also responsible for monitoring and reporting on new regulations being discussed in Brussels and reporting on calls for projects funded by European funds.

Renfe Brussels Office
Mob. + 32 221 308 19
Avenue des Arts, 53 (6th floor)
1000 Brussels, Belgium


We monitor the following official bodies from Renfe's office in Brussels to obtain a first-hand account of the sector's current situation

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