Renfe is firmly developing in this stage of the company's internationalization, fulfilling its values of leadership, innovation and quality, as well as its commitment to the customer, safety and sustainability.

The company's main international project is the Haramain Highspeed Railway, located in Saudi Arabia, where Renfe has been working for more than a decade together with a dozen Spanish and local companies.

Also belonging to the high-speed field, the development of international services to France from Madrid and Barcelona stands out, whose operation alone marks a milestone for the company. Renfe has started these services in the summer of 2023 and aims to extend the route to Paris in 2024.

In addition to operating services, Renfe has extensive experience in providing technical consultancy services, including those of shadow operator, which Renfe has carried out for the Tren Maya (in Mexico) and for Rail Baltica (the mega-project to connect the Baltic countries backed by the European Commission).

The company also participates in other international projects, such as the future high-speed service in Texas, United States, which will connect the cities of Dallas and Houston.

Our international projects