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In the summer of 2023, Renfe Viajeros has started operating direct high-speed services between Barcelona and Lyon and also between Madrid and Marseille, which has been a milestone for the company as it is the first time that a Spanish train driver runS commercial operations beyond Perpignan.

Renfe's short-term objective is to become a benchmark operator in the French railway market, obtain the Safety Certificate that will allow it to extend its AVE operations to other corridors such as Lyon-Paris, offer new international connections and provide its services in France also as a public service provider.

Beyond the international connection, Renfe arrives in France to compete in the domestic market with its connections between ten French destinations. In addition, the company arrives in France with all the attributes of its flagship product, the AVE (comfort, punctuality and quality of customer service), and with added attributes such as wifi connection and in-flight entertainment, catering, luggage policy and a flexible pricing system.

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