Renfe is a strategic partner of Texas Central, with whom it will jointly develop the "Bullet Train" project covering the 386 kilometres between the cities of Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth in less than 90 minutes. As a partner in this long-term project, Renfe will participate in the development, design and construction stages and in the commercial operations (operations, maintenance, promotion and sale of tickets).

The knowledge and experience of Renfe and its partners are key to this pioneering railway transport project in the United States.

The system that Texas Central Railroad proposes to build in Texas will be replicate Japan's Tokaido Shinkansen high-speed rail system, operated by the Central Japan Railway Company (JRC).

Main characteristics



  • It is the first private-majority Alta Velocidad (high-speed) railway project in the world.
  • The service will connect Dallas/Fort Worth with Houston, with an intermediate station in Brazos Valley.
  • The high-speed trains operated by Renfe will cover the 386-km route in less than 90 minutes.
  • All stations will be connected to the network of motorways, public transport systems and ample parking areas.

High-speed rail service between Dallas and Houston.

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