The Renfe Group is the biggest consumer of energy in Spain. Therefore, it is important to optimise its own resources, and thanks to EU funding in the form of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan (RTRP) funds, Next Generation will install photovoltaic panels for self-consumption at its main maintenance facilities.

The total investment made as part of this Renfe Engineering and maintenance project for the supply and installation of photovoltaic energy amounts to 12 million euros, and will cover 41% of the electricity needs of these workshops, generating savings of 3.8 million euros per year, meaning that the investment will be fully amortised in 3.1 years. Furthermore, it will reduce both the demand for energy from the grid and the release of greenhouse gases.

The generation of photovoltaic energy will be implemented at Renfe's 14 maintenance facilities, which together have an average annual consumption of 40,000 MWh per year: Complejo Fuencarral, BMI La Sagra, Complejo Santa Catalina y Cerro Negro, BMI Villaverde, NMBI Valladolid, BM Málaga AV, BM Barcelona Can Tunis AV, BMI Málaga, BM El Berrón, BM Salamanca Motor, BM Balmaseda, BM Miranda Motor, BM Zaragoza and BM Buñol.

The sum of all Renfe's photovoltaic units is equal to a total power of 11 MWp, which will generate more than 16,000 MWh/year of energy for consumption.