We have more than 900 trains allocated to the public service provided by Cercanías (Commuter) and Media Distancia (Mid-distance) on Iberian-gauge tracks. The 400-numbered fleet are electric-powered trains and the 500 series fleet are diesel.

The trains of the future

The train is a great ally in the fight against global warming and for more sustainable mobility. Not only is it the ideal mode of transport for replacing planes and cars for long-distance travel but, even more importantly, it plays a central role in everyday mobility due to its capacity and efficiency: movement in big cities and the millions of short and mid-distance trips that we make every day for work, study and other routines.

We have invested 3 billion euros in the purchase of new trains to completely refurbish the fleet that Renfe uses for the provision of public services, i.e. Cercanías (Commuter) and Media Distancia (Mid-distance) trains.

Alta Velocidad (High-speed)

The future of Renfe Operadora's commercial services, Alta Velocidad (high-speed) and Larga Distancia (Long Distance), is going to be in the context of a free market. Faced with the prospects of growth in demand and a new, low-cost travel model, we have added 30 new Alta Velocidad (high-speed) trains to our fleet and this will be the 106 series.

  • Avlo
    We have remodelled 5 of the 30 trains from the 112 series in the fleet to use them for Avlo – our low-cost, high-speed service. These trains, which are all one class, do not have a buffet car and have 438 seats with sockets for each of them.
  • S-106
    These trains will make up Renfe's 106 series and will be able to travel at speeds of up to 330 km/h. They will be made up of eleven carriages with a total of 521 seats that will be laid out, depending on the types designed, in rows of 2+2 and 3+2 seats, all able to be turned to face in the direction the train is moving. The capacity of the trains in this series is greater than that of any of the other trains that provide Renfe's commercial services.