The Al-Andalus

The Tren Al Andalus is a luxury rolling on wheels that has been completely refurbished by FEVE. The interior brings together service, gastronomy, décor and outstanding comfort with the habitual elegance and distinction of Luxury Tourist Trains.

Travelling through and visiting Andalusia on board this singular train is a unique experience.

The Tren Al Andalus comprises four lounges, two carriages with standard suites and five with superior suites, as well as the kitchen/storage carriage, crew quarters and engine wagons. Travelling through and visiting Andalusia on board this singular train is a unique experience.

Enjoy the World Heritage cities, gastronomy, landscapes and nature of Andalusia in all their splendour.




On the Tren Al Andalus, there is a space that has been especially designed for rest and privacy. Its seven suite carriages.

The exquisite, select decoration will envelop you in a special atmosphere that will afford you a very special stay. The train will stop at night to allow you to rest in comfort.
The seven recently-refurbished suite carriages, five of which were also built in France in the late 1920s, were originally used by the British monarchy for holiday travel from Calais to the Cote d'Azur. Their 'Belle Epoque' décor has been respected with new additions in their most recent modifications, with all the latest technical advances.
The train has a maximum capacity of 64 people in 32 suites divided into two types:

  • Standard Suite: with two low single beds, a safe, a wardrobe and a separate fully-equipped bathroom. 12 suites (for a total of 24 people) are available with these features.
  • Superior Suite: with a 150 x 200cm double bed, a mini bar, a safe, a wardrobe and a fabulous fully-equipped bathroom. There are 20 suites (for a total of 40 people) available with these features. You can also request an extra bed for a third passenger.

All suites are air-conditioned with their own regulator and have 220V electrical connections.

The suite will look different during the day, as the beds fold into comfortable sofas, leaving room for reading or comfortably enjoying the scenery in your private sitting room.

The lounges of glamour and comfort

The Tren Al-Andalus has four authentic railway gems: its lounge cars from 1928 and 1930. They are all spaces brimming with charm and intended for leisure and the pleasure of travelling. The Al Andalus Train is the largest and most spacious tourist train in the world, and its lounges offer multiple possibilities, such as enjoying a buffet breakfast, lunch or dinner in the restaurant cars, having a relaxing drink in the bar, listening to a musical performance in the piano car every night, having a lively conversation or simply looking at the scenery through their big windows, lounging in the comfortable armchairs.

All carriages are duly air-conditioned and connected to each other just like the rest of the train, and will remain open 24 hours a day to be used and enjoyed at will. The crew will be on hand to look after passengers' needs, so that they can relax and enjoy an environment of unparalleled appeal.

The Crew Professionals at your service

The crew of the Tren Al Andalus is made up of a team of professionals that will be on hand for you 24 hours a day: porters, stewards, guides, receptionists, cleaners, waiters, cooks, train driver, coach driver, security personnel, maintenance technicians, musicians, entertainers, etc. They will be at your service under the instructions of the Train Director.

Furthermore, all services that take place off the train, such as tours, meals, shows, etc., are guaranteed to maintain the same level of quality as provided on the train.
On this journey, we offer a laundry service, a medical service and special menus.

The Gastronomy. A pleasure for exacting tastes

It is obvious that gastronomy must take pride of place on our routes. You can taste all kinds of traditional products. Both on board the train and in the restaurants specially chosen for the journey. We not only use the highest-quality raw materials, but we also have the best kitchen professionals.

All breakfast buffets will take place on board the train and be a delight for the most demanding taste buds, making a magnificent ritual of the start of each day. Lunches and suppers will take place both on board the train and at local restaurants.

The menu has been especially selected for the Tren Al Andalus and includes top-quality wines, coffee, teas and spirits.

The On-board Services

The Coach

The Tren Al Andalus is always accompanied by our own coach.
When the train arrives at the destination station, our coach collects us and takes us to our scheduled tours, which will be conducted by our guides.

It will also take us to restaurants and anywhere else we need to go.

Medical Care

There is a sick bay on board the train. And the Tren Al Andalus is coordinated with various hospitals and health centres in the different places we pass through on the journey.

Special Menus

If you follow a special diet, you can notify us about it when you are making your booking and it will be taken into account for all the meals we offer.

Laundry Service

We have a 1-day laundry service.

All journeys include:

  • Lunches and suppers with wine, tea or coffee, and spirits.
  • Breakfast buffet.
  • En-suite accommodation on board the train.
  • Coach for transfers.
  • Steward – companion throughout the tour.
  • Guided tours.
  • Security service.
  • Tickets and tours of different places.
  • Musical performances.
  • Daily newspapers and magazines.
  • A great team at your disposal.