By 2028, 10% of our revenue will come from outside Spain; the train will be one of the integrated mobility services that we will offer you; digitalisation will allow us to customise the offer you really want for you alone; we will have made substantial progress decarbonising the sector; and we will continue to be your first choice for travel and getting around in a smart, sustainable way. 

That's why part of what we are is called Renfe2028.

2028 is the horizon for our strategic plan, a process of transformation through innovation, internationalisation and customer focus that will result in a new Renfe. We will be an integrated mobility operator, going beyond trains, and an international benchmark for logistics, reaching beyond our borders.

We are already leaders of mobility in Spain and, in order to continue having the trust of our domestic and international customers, we are focussing our future on adjusting our offer to new demands. In this process, we focus on concepts that make up our identity: service quality, safety, efficiency, intermodality and customer satisfaction.

This strategic plan is based on three pillars supported by three drivers:



To improve the experience had by current and future customers, we have
conducted an exhaustive analysis of the 'customer journey' in our offering and worked on redefining our product portfolio. Simplified and more adapted to what you are looking for – to your real needs as a passenger.

Another key to our future competitiveness is the
company's digital transformation and the cultural transformation of the workers who bring it to life. Talent detection programmes, performance management, training and development of people and of ethical behaviour will bring the Renfe brand closer to our goal of service excellence.

We innovate

Our Innovation Plan is aligned with the Ministry of Transport's Innovation Plan for Transport and Infrastructure, built around four factors that will mark the future of the sector: digitalisation, the Internet of the future, intermodality and energy transformation. With this reference framework, more than 20 strategic lines have been defined, encompassed in four areas: 

  • User experience.
  • Smart platforms.
  • Smart routes.
  • Energy efficiency and sustainability.

The estimated cost of the plan is EUR 86.99 million and it includes 70 initiatives. At Renfe, with a budget of EUR 11.75 million, we are actively taking part in 46 and are leaders in 16 of them.