We have defined an innovation model that combines internal and external knowledge with a focus on collective intelligence. Open innovation in an organisation of a size and with a history like ours brings more speed and efficiency to the implementation of the model.

This is what led to TrenLab, our incubator for innovative projects. TrenLab is a laboratory where start-ups and entrepreneurs have our support for managing and developing truly innovative projects for immediate implementation. Projects that we incorporate into our business, generating value for our customers, for the company and for an increasingly demanding and better connected community.

  • We are looking for disruptive technology solutions to contribute to Renfe's transformation and differentiation by solving its business challenges. We will back projects that have an impact on our business units and are most related to the sector.
  • We select innovative start-ups and business projects with clear possibilities for growth and scalability, with products or services that bring with them new approaches, new business models and a differentiating market value. 
  • We evaluate solutions involving IoT, artificial intelligence (machine learning and neural networks), big data, blockchain, virtual/augmented reality and mobility, the application of which focus on improving operational efficiency and our customer experience.


Innovation railway hub

In the context of the Innovation Plan for Transport and Infrastructure, Railway Innovation Hub Spain has been created, a group that already unites 83 companies (10 founding partners) in the railway, industrial and innovation sector and whose mission is to promote technology and knowledge of the railway sector at international level.

Renfe is on the board of directors of this great project, which aims to become a global benchmark for transport innovation, and we have helped develop its Strategic Plan.