Our contribution to the sustainable development of the country in economic terms exceeds 3 billion euros. We generate more than 15,000 jobs directly and 14,800 jobs indirectly through the hiring of services. We make social contributions worth 47.2 million euros, invest 12.9 million euros in the community and hire special employment centres to the value of 11.7 million euros

In recent years, we have reduced our carbon footprint by 88% to 5.54 g of CO2 per unit transported; our energy intensity (energy efficiency-Wh per transport unit) is 94.8 Wh/TU; 77.9% of the energy consumed to move our trains is renewable energy from a certified source; and we have a minimum impact on biodiversity of 0.26 km2 of occupied area.

We always try to be closely linked to the third sector, supporting and spreading the message of the main NGOs fighting hunger or child poverty or defending the environment around the world.

We collaborate with different entities in different areas of social action with special employment centres, the National Transplant Organisation, the Red Cross or the ONCE Foundation, fighting against gender violence or for inclusion.

All of these actions can be seen in Renfe's Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance Report.